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Feb 15 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
UTAH: I have represented several Gay Mormon Fathers. There are organizations in your area. Find them and go to meetings. There is a gay underground in Salt Lake City. As for roommates, most of us had to have roommates in our youth. Look for possible roommates when you go to school. You don't have to live with your parents forever. Good luck!
Feb 10 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@53: as a family law attorney for straight and same-sex relationships, the problems are depressingly similar.
Feb 7 marilynsue commented on James Baldwin Explains 2017 America in the Transcendent I Am Not Your Negro.
There isn't much new in the film, but it is well put together. I don't think I ever read or heard "I may be bitter. I may not be." I love it!
Feb 7 marilynsue commented on I, Anonymous.
Almost as bad as the woman who kept "accidentally" hitting me with her elbow. I think she was trying to encourage me to move. Did not work. I finally elbowed right back and she quit. Sounds like heavy drugs were involved in your encounter. It happens.
Feb 7 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Girlfriend problem: She will let you eat honey - but you're allergic to honey! DTMFA
Republicans: Sad to say, you can even get attached to them. Maybe you are not the f-buddy type.
Feb 1 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@19: you have my undying love this week.
Jan 24 marilynsue commented on Watch the Video: An Alternative Tour of Seattle with Charles Mudede.
My great-grandmother, Beulah Belle Muncaster, committed suicide by gas oven in Seattle in 1920 and is buried in Pioneer Graveyard. We don't really know why. Probably a dreary Friday, just got to be too much.
Jan 17 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@82: I had my tubes tied at age 38, to prevent "accidents" known to occur in my particular genetic line. My books are my children. Thanks to John Lewis, I now refer to you-know-who as "New Illegitimate President Don John", or NIP Don John for short.
Jan 13 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@32 @34 Sterile, yes; sarcastic, yes; sometimes too subtle, yes! Happy MLK Day! I will not be working - I'm reading "A Brief History of Seven Killings" by Marlon James, and I might see "Fences." I'm a little tired of people who want to "Make America Great" meaning only white people count and everyone else must be relegated to their proper place.
Jan 11 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Yes, let's make everything about straight white people, because no one else really exists.