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Nov 16 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
I made my own "No Trump" pin because older white people were looking at me like I was one of them, and the Latinas at the café were looking at me as if they were totally dislocated. In my family, we prefer to be attacked for our true political principles. My great-grandfather, Albert Meissner, was a Socialist Party Organizer in Montana. He was requested to leave the state, and ended up a founder of Home Colony, on the Puget Sound, where he died at the age of 76. He was found dead in his chair, with a book on his lap. I hope to be around long enough to help defeat Trump next time.
Nov 2 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
This sounds more like passive-aggressive pimping, being topped from the bottom, or the usual whining about not being dominated enough. How can you be humiliated/jealous when you insisted on the extramarital sex? Maybe it should be called "how I stay home and feel virtuous while my woman has outside sex at my insistence." It's like polyamory with only one having the poly. Maybe these guys are insecure about getting extra sex themselves, but monogamy is just too, well, you know, BORING.
Oct 19 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@#8: No, it is time to haul off and slug this idiot with the nearest blunt object. You are hereby sentenced to re-education on these issues. If you know what's good for you, you will work on it yourself, immediately.
Oct 17 marilynsue commented on 25 Years of Savage Love: How Savage Love Changed the Way We Talk and Think About Sex.
Yes, we missed him when he left LA Weekly. An entertaining and informative column.
Sep 28 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
LW2: All men have some sex problem, but I wonder why you would stay with someone who spends his time pretending to be a Big Bad Black Stud. This indicates more problems than just possible cheating! Lack of self esteem, putting his energy into a fantasy life, stereotyping, lying, possibly wanting to have sex with a BBBS himself. He isn't stopping, and the problem is only likely to get worse.
Sep 27 marilynsue commented on I, Anonymous.
Dear Thief Screamer: I know you only get paid $10 per hour, and you have to suck up to your boss, and you never know what your part-time shift will be, and this dummy has stolen from the store before, many times, and he smells bad, worse than stale beer, which he has at home but he wants FRESH beer, but really, you scare me and that makes my life very hard. Sincerely, Wussy.
Sep 21 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
California law: If Husband is deliberately not working, but enjoying a lifestyle provided by Wife or Inheritance, then his lifestyle (living expenses) can be used to calculate his child support obligation. If Wife maintains her separate earnings in a separate account, she will not pay the support.
If a man from a rich family hears he is allegedly the father of his girlfriend's child, he will have many people telling him to get a DNA test.
I suspect Husband knows very well he will have a higher value on the marriage market in the future, if his vesicles are intact.
Aug 31 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Be sure to watch "Ronin Gai" about protection of prostitutes.

Sex trafficking: Cannot be prevented. Will happen whether sex work is lawful/unlawful. Trafficking should be prosecuted and traffickers put in prison. Systems should be put into place for coerced sex workers to get out.
Aug 23 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Witty: you don't owe him anything, and based on extensive personal and professional experience, the sex you get after four short months is probably as good as it will get. You don't have to rush into anything new, either, because more disappointments will only make you "gun shy."
Aug 11 marilynsue commented on Erik Reece's Book Utopia Drive Shows What Utopian Societies (Past and Present) Can Teach Us About Reality.
My greatgrandfather, Albert Meissner, and his sister, Anna Meyer, were two of the founders of Home Colony, on the Puget Sound. I think it was in the 1920s. Albert died there, and his sister moved to Pasadena to live with her daughter, after Anna became blind. She did not like Pasadena and regretted the move. I visited the site in the 1990s while visiting a friend living on Bainbridge Island. Some of the old houses were there, but not much else. I bought a sewing box, which I still have. I don't know quite when Home Colony dissolved.