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Jul 13 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
NCA: It seems the person we have the best sex with is NOT the person to settle down with. This is based on my own personal experience, my friends' experience, and being a family law attorney for 22 years. I can't explain why, but it seems to be true. My grandmother said her second husband was the "best lover in the world," but I don't know if she just said that to make him happy. They were married 58 years before she died.
Jul 12 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@102: I think you made your own luck, and congratulations to your cat!
Jul 11 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
@100: I just had my first CAT CUSTODY case. It might not have been exactly about the cat, as there were some screenplays at issue as well. It isn't always about being around the other person physically, but it might be a bargaining chip.
Jun 24 marilynsue commented on Matthew McConaughey Can't Stop Being a Badass White Savior in The Free State of Jones.
Guess I'll stick with "Killer Joe." That's enough Matt for me.
Jun 22 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
LW3: you can be shot or killed in a traffic accident, any day. San Bernardino, Paris, Charlotte. Don't let this stop you from living your life.
Jun 15 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Sometimes women are stupid enough to think no one will attack them when they are at a "gay" venue. I once stopped an acquaintance from being attacked in a women's bathroom at a gay club (San Francisco), because I saw her go in there after dancing with a particular man. Sure enough, thirty seconds after I went in after her, he came in. She was drunk and oblivious. Don't make stupid assumptions.
Jun 6 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Dear OUCH: don't feel bad, I am so sensitive that I have to carefully read labels and find the plainest lube with the least amount of ingredients. One of these days I might have to resort to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and plastic sheets!
May 18 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
LIBIDOS: One of the most bitter divorces I ever handled was between a woman and a man who told her during the divorce: "I never loved you but we work together well as a team." She was heartbroken and may never stop torturing him. I'm sure their children will not escape the consequences, either. You say neither one of you wants a divorce, but have you explained to him that you never want sex with him again?
May 4 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
WHAT: if he really is that clumsy, keep one hand on his testicles and if his penis slips in the wrong direction, grab it and direct it to the proper location. Also, just get on top. all the time, or at least until he gets better control of himself. Watch out for any other sadistic "accidents."
Apr 27 marilynsue commented on Savage Love.
Once I was about to have a root canal, and the dental assistants were in shock that I requested the Kardashian show to be turned off.