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Feb 21, 2013 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on Will Legal Recreational Pot Be Better or Worse?.
@4 and 13, "Unbrainwashed" (really starting to doubt the "un" part now), again: the $15 price you're touting was an assumption used in the LCB fiscal note BASED ON CURRENT DISPENSARY (read, "black" or "gray" market, whatever) PRICES. Those prices aren't going to stick in a legal market where competition is more robust than what the dispensaries face now. Marijuana simply isn't that expensive to grow:….
Feb 9, 2013 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on Bill to Tax Medical Marijuana Poses Political Dilemma for State Republicans.
Unbrainwashed, your economic analysis is solid except for one major flaw: you're assuming the state sets prices. It doesn't. The state only sets the tax rate; the licensed and privately owned and operated growers, processors (edible-makers, e.g.), and retailers will set prices through good old-fashioned competition. Prices are going to start heading in the direction suggested by that RAND paper. Street dealers and unlicensed growers are still going to be risking arrest and prosecution, but they won't be able to charge a prohibition premium. Dispensaries, which are illegal but currently tolerated due to lack of adequate access for legitimate patients, will have to comply with 502 or close up shop.
Oct 23, 2012 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on No Right to Remain Silent.
@22 has it right.
Aug 21, 2012 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on Did the Medical-Marijuana Industry Go Too Far Campaigning Against Pot Legalization Initiative 502 at Hempfest this Weekend?.
@doughberman, 27, 28, 34, 35:

You know PDC reports are available online, right?

Funny thing is, when you look at the contributions made to Sensible Washington's 2010 legalization initiative, I-1068, you find not one single donation by Joshua Berman or anyone employed by 4 Evergreen Group:….

Strangely, you find the same thing when you look at the reports for Sensible's 2011 effort, I-1149:….

But wait, what about Yes End Penalties' 2012 effort, I-505? Nope, not a cent:….

Color me shocked, shocked, shocked to discover the same lack of support for GrassRootsWA's Cannabis Child Protection Act in either its 2012 form, I-1223, or the 2013 effort, I-514:….

Shut your lying pie hole. You don't want legalization. You want recreational tokers who hope for a little protection from arrest to keep shilling out dollars for your authorizations -- which they won't need anymore once I-502 passes. And while you claim you're looking forward to cashing in on your brand after selling marijuana becomes legal, you're actually sweating the competition that's going to hand you your ass. You know, all those people willing to actually do a little work for a paycheck.

By the way, you might ask your lawyer how smart it is for 4E to post videos of young healthy people who "came here to have some fun" drinking and smoking up piles of weed, and for you to be posting product reviews for your friends in the dispensary business. A U.S. Attorney might wonder if a case could be made that you were promoting distribution of pot.

A word of advice: pick greed OR stupidity. They're a bad combination.
Oct 21, 2011 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on Effort to Oppose the I-502 Legalization Campaign Led By... Medical-Marijuana Patients?.
@48 -- Did you not read the post? The DUI provision is there SO THE INITIATIVE WILL PASS. You know, so we can finally get around to legalizing marijuana so all those people on the tickers can stop being arrested and so -- oh, I don't know -- people can stop dying in Mexico? Don't you think 40,000 is enough? Or have you been too self-absorbed to notice that the War on Drugs is about more than you and your convenience?

Oh, wait -- you're Cannacare. Just answered my own question. My bad.
Oct 21, 2011 Ye Doth Protest Too Much joined My Stranger Face
Oct 21, 2011 Ye Doth Protest Too Much commented on Effort to Oppose the I-502 Legalization Campaign Led By... Medical-Marijuana Patients?.
@47 -- So why is that patient getting bent over a barrel under the CURRENT law? She should walk, right? The prosecutor never should have even charged her with DUI in the first place, right? Especially with the DRE saying she was unimpaired and such.

Sorry, not seeing how this helps your argument.