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Jul 26, 2012 anotherversionofmyself commented on Why Vote No on the Kiddie-Condo-Juvie.
I didn't really expect this to be a welcoming forum for this viewpoint. However, the comments about children here illustrate a certain detachment and callousness that is chilling. These are children who have probably been through some devastating social challenges thanks to capitalism and the state. Are we to turn our back on them so they end up in prisons as adults? The school to prison pipeline is a real thing. The prison industrial complex exists to cage and control people of color for profit. While I don't like falling back on analogies for every situation, the prison industry functions much like slavery did in the early years of this country's history. I imagine there were many people who excused and ignored the ethical question of how humane is it to strip people of their dignity for profit back then too. Look at yourselves and ask the question - what side of history do YOU want to be on?
Nov 30, 2011 anotherversionofmyself commented on Blogger Says He's Seen Medical Records that Confirm Protester's Miscarriage.
The whole issue of discussing what happens inside a woman's uterus is completely disgusting. The medical details, asking for her to "show her papers", ugh. So gross. The whole thing is a complete violation of her privacy. Reporting that she miscarried is one thing. Demanding to be shown proof makes me want to vomit. I can't even begin to tell everyone how shitty this is from the perspective of another female. Reminds me of those egregious asshat politicians who want to make it a crime to terminate a pregnancy and actually expect women to show proof of a miscarriage to avoid prosecution. Great job guys - acting like right wing losers.
Oct 30, 2011 anotherversionofmyself commented on Three Nazis Kicked Out of Occupy Seattle.
Also, Mr. Holden - "One woman then sidetracked the meeting—more of a screaming match at this point—when she asked to see a show of hands of everyone who heard one guy call her a "bitch" earlier."

Since you have taken this event out of context I feel the need to explain. The woman in question was called a bitch because she was very upset (for personal reasons) about the Nazis being in the occupation site and the people who were reacting by trying to claim we should include them. Frankly, in that type of emotionally charged atmosphere anyone who utters that word to a woman is asking for a shit storm, and he got one. To be fair, the young man in question got quite a lot of feedback for his actions and by the end of the night he was clearly upset and very apologetic for his behavior. Not only is there no place for violent racist fringe groups in Occupy Seattle but there is also no place for sexist rhetoric like calling someone a bitch because she is expressing herself with confidence and anger.

I am not a violent person at all but if someone had called me a bitch to my face in that context and under those circumstances I very well may have given him a slap across the face for being so rude and disrespectful.
Oct 30, 2011 anotherversionofmyself commented on Three Nazis Kicked Out of Occupy Seattle.
#12 - yeah ignoring problems works out so well. Read a history book or even a current newspaper and think about how well ignoring problems is working out for most people.

Nazis may fit in our "income bracket" but they are very sick individuals who think terrible thoughts about people and throughout history have done some really fucked up things. Sorry, but there is no place for violent sick clowns in the Occupy movement.
Oct 21, 2011 anotherversionofmyself joined My Stranger Face
Oct 21, 2011 anotherversionofmyself commented on A Letter from Occupy Seattle.
What a pathetic display of selfishness this is. Anyone with any sense at all would quietly leave the movement or gather with like minded individuals and try to brainstorm on ways to address any issues they may be having Instead this person has left with an epic flame out amongst the Occupy Seattle group and is now crying to the media. I can't believe this person think this is about THEM to this level. What an appalling lack of solidarity and I say it's a good thing that this person left to cry in a corner.