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Apr 22, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Right Now: Pot Talk at City Hall!.
Add to that the ever-increasing dependence on cities and counties to balance their budgets with fines to citizens, and you have a recipe for huge abuses. DUI's are big money makers for local governments in the form of fines and fees. One only has to look at the problems with police abuses of late to see that this is just another way to harass, intimidate and further molest cannabis patients.

Let's talk about priorities. Let's talk about Need, not Greed. I-502 serves a greedy political machine that knows no end to using loopholes and manipulations of science and the law to incriminate the innocent, under the false guise of legalization.

If we don't start taking care of each other, there will not be any of us left to take care of.
Apr 21, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Right Now: Pot Talk at City Hall!.
The problem here is that 5ng does NOT equal impairment, and every study that NAW and Ms. Holcomb cite clearly state that 5ng cannot be used to determine impairment, due to the fact that a tolerance develops. #25 said driving while under the influence of anything is illegal, but I think it's actually driving while impaired. You can take medication and drive, however, if your medication causes you to be impaired and you drive it is illegal.

Many medications do cause impairment until the body gets used to them. Blood pressure medications are a very common cause of temporary impairment, but after the body has time to adjust to the effects, the impairment goes down and often goes away. This is know as developing a tolerance.

Doctors will often start a medication at a very low dose, and slowly increase it, to give the body time to adjust to the medication. This is know as titration. It helps decrease those nasty and impairing side effects.

For patients, cannabis works in the very same way. Patients start out at a very low dose, which often causes the euphoria like side effects. However, in time, and with slow titration, a tolerance to the medication is built up and the euphoria side effects lessen to the point of no impairment, such as Dr. Mobley has demonstrated with his patients.

It seems the real paranoia continues with this Reefer Madness type mentality that we have to punish anyone who uses cannabis and drives, no matter that they have used it medically and titrated their doses and now tolerate higher levels without impairment.

I-502 does not differentiate between the actual impaired recreational user, and the innocent patient or even chronic user who has long ago developed a tolerance. This law would convict innocent people, and no law that convicts the innocent can be called just or right. Ever.

John Toker may be a nerd, but he believes in science and facts, not manipulating numbers while counting on Washington voters being too ignorant too see the difference.
Mar 15, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Dept. of Accidentally Parroting Your Opposition.
I-1208 is a much better reform initiative, and first does no harm, unlike I-502.
Mar 15, 2012 NurseMimi commented on The Anti-I-502 Campaign Goes Rim Negative!.
What Dom does is make out the recreational "stoners" look even worse than they already are. It is Dominic Holden himself who is promoting this and it is succeeding in turning the general public away from I-502, so keep up the great work! We WILL defeat this horrid initiative, and any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dom!
Mar 8, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
@69, Can you please show where you found that the cost of producing cannabis is that cheap? I can show you where the numbers come for expensive cannabis under I-502.

Let's say you are correct and cannabis will now be sold by the grower for $50 per ounce (that's after the processors have been paid and the grower makes a bit of profit for the labor involved). After the 25% tax, the total would be $62.50.

Now it goes to the distributor, who will do a markup to cover costs and overhead as well. Lets round it to the nearest dollar and give them a $10 profit (now the price is at $72) and then we need to add the tax before going to the next stage. The cost is now $90.

Now it goes to the retailer, who typically marks up over 100%, and again this covers overhead like store rent, utilities and employees. (this is based on average retail markup of anything, which in reality is more like up to 300%, but we will stay low) so now the cost is $180 but we have not yet added in the tax.

The price of that "$20" ounce, with liberal discounts given, is now at the current market price. Now do it with real numbers and consider any big business owners greed (cuz only big business will be able to afford to grow with the fees and restrictions) and you are simply ignorant if you think the price will be this low.

Sarich did not need to add any evidence or analysis, as anyone who can do simple math can understand that cannabis will be anything but cheaper under I-502.
Mar 2, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.
@47 "we should continue arresting 10000 users a year"

Tell me, of those arrests, how many will I-502 stop? Because I'm thinking your numbers are WAY off. See, most arrests are for more than an ounce, and I-502 is not going to stop ANY of those arrests, is it?

And yeah, I know you want me to show you the numbers, but I'm asking you to verify to me that those 10,000 people arrested live in the state of Washington and were all busted with under an ounce. You can't do it.
Mar 2, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.
I am a patient. I do not have a collective or dispensary or anything, and I receive no profits from anything or anyone except my retirement account, (which was established well before I ever became a patient). My only interest this year is in protecting what patients have and not allowing their rights to slip away for someone else's casual fun.
That's too bad, because before I-502 I fully intended to work towards real and full legalization. But first, HARM NO ONE!
Mar 2, 2012 NurseMimi commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.
NAW and NORML chose this battle, not patients. No one asked us, they ignored us. No one wanted to work with the patients to make sure no one was harmed with this initiative. Now you accuse us of creating a division that we had nothing to do with. Patients want protections. Many of us have fought long and hard for legalization. And this is how we are treated.

Fine. Game on.