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Oct 23, 2011 WinTard commented on Victoria Liss VS. the Receipt Creep: Capitol Hill Debacle.
Victoria Liss: What a stupid bitch!

Bimbo's bar you lost TONS of customers thanks to the negative publicity. Serves you right for hiring such nincompoops!

Sleep easy at night? Now that both of you are liable for release of confidential information, defamation and slander, involving TORT and PUNITIVE damages. Involving TWO individuals, one completely undeserving from all the hate mail and reputation distortion he received.

You got to love these tabloids like the Seattle Weekly for their sensationalist journalism without any due diligence to journalistic integrity, such as verifying the facts, and perhaps such a waitress didn't deserve any tip? And who says she didn't scribble that note?

Same goes for all the shitheads who blew up this non-issue into a witch hunt!

Tipping is an honor and privilege to be received for good service, not a right for poor service and attitude.

But what goes around, comes around. Enjoy your new and real reputation Victoria Liss!

The stupider, the meaner.
{English Idiom}