Apr 27, 2013 Haxo commented on You Can't Legalize Pot Without Setting Realistic DUI Penalties for Stoned Drivers.
I believe that hypocritical stoners like Roger Goodman should not drive their kids around while high. Is there a law we can pass that will target this behavior?
Apr 12, 2013 Haxo commented on Lawmaker Confident That Feds Won't Sue WA to Block Pot Law.
Rep. Goodman took over $50,000 from Medical Marijuana interests, and this is how he repays them. I guess the big Corps and out of State profiteers must have offered him more to turn on his former supporters. When does he come up for re-election next? Let's hope he finds out the hard way that profiteers like Botec, Diego Pellicier and Steve De Angello don't cast votes in this State.
Oct 31, 2012 Haxo commented on Was Legalizing Medical Marijuana a Mistake?.
It is funny to see Ezra Eichmeyer touting I-502 now, since he was recently burned for trying to raise $400,000 to oppose I-502 on behalf of an unregistered "trade group"

The only thing that Ezra is a leader in is creative scams to defraud the community, as anyone who reviews the PDC filings of the various front groups he has employed for the last few years can see.

Also, Ezra was a member of the failed Safe Access Alliance, which fired his cohort, Phil Dawdy, at their first press conference.

Sounds like sour grapes from a busted scammer to me.
Oct 31, 2012 Haxo commented on Was Legalizing Medical Marijuana a Mistake?.

From: Barry, John W [mailto:JohnW.Barry@seattle.gov] Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 10:15 AM
To: Art Way
Subject: Lining up support for I-502 in Seattle
Hi Art,
Here in brief is the process we've undergone in Seattle to get our elected officials onboard with legalization. Let me know if you've got any questions.
In February and March of 2011, one of our state Reps, Mary Lou Dickerson, sponsored a bill in the state legislature that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for adult use. Large parts of the bill were vetoed by Gov. Gregoire, but the proposal morphed into Initiative 502, which has the same goals and is on our November ballot. By lining up support for Rep. Dickerson's bill, local journalist Dominic Holden essentially got every member of our delegation as well as our council to endorse 502. Below are the articles in chronological order, followed by my assessments.
Some background on local opinion.
Pete's editorial.
Seattle Times endorses Dickerson's bill.
Getting Mary Lou Dickerson's bill out of committee.
Holden follows up on the story.
Bothers Tim Burgess into endorsing legalization. Gets Bruce Harrell to agree.
Writes an article summing it all up.
Moves on to the state legislature.
Calls out those who don't respond.
David Frockt lags behind, gets phone calls. Holden sums it up again.
As you can see, there was already nontrivial public support for a new approach to marijuana in Washington, which has (we believe) held steady. I don't know the numbers for Colorado, but I think this was part of why Holden was so successful-he had a readership which already agreed with him, in part because the Seattle Stranger, for which Holden is news editor, has been a consistent advocate of drug policy reform. Additionally, our editorially libertarian mainstream paper, The Seattle Times, endorsed Rep. Dickerson's bill, giving legalization a kind of mainstream exposure it might not otherwise have had.
Holden's main tactic for changing opinions is to exert political pressure by taking advantage of the Stranger's vocal, opinionated core readership, and not shutting up so that the readers weren't able to move on to other issues. Stranger readers of the sort likely to call their state reps are generally possessed of strong opinions, but are suspicious of traditional political structures. Holden took advantage of the Stranger's often partisan and progressive editorial line, and he didn't bother to play the role of an "objective" journalist. For about two weeks, he was effectively a lobbyist for a particular legislative effort.
It seems that most members of the City Council, and eventually most members of the legislative delegation, didn't need prompting. When they did, Holden again made use of partisan headlines ("Who in Seattle thinks that the sale and trafficking of marijuana should remain in the hands of an illegal market?") and exerted pressure through his readers by directly telling them to call certain officials. At least some of them did, and he continued to bombard the most reluctant members to come around to his views.
Holden's effort was successful because enough people regard the Stranger as a reputable (if admittedly biased and countercultural) news source, and not as a pressure group. Had this effort come from Rep. Dickerson's office, or from any of the several pro-legalization groups in Seattle, many of the people who exerted pressure likely would not have. The core Stranger readership has strong opinions but is (like many pro-legalization people) not deeply connected to local politics because they have long seen the political process and the state as their adversaries on this issue. Further, a larger number of people follow the Stranger's news blog than follow a campaign's press releases. What would be a serious grassroots organizing project for a campaign was, to a news blog, a less severe challenge. Holden's cachet as a countercultural voice and an "independent" writer gave him a unique pull with his readership, and his tactics were both blatant (direct calls to action) and effective.
John W. Barry Volunteer
Seattle City Attorney's Office Civil Division
600 4th Avenue, 4th flOOr
P.O. Box 94769
Seattle, WA 98124-4769 Phone: 206-386-4074 FAX: 206-684-8284 JohnW.Barry@seattle.gov
Sep 8, 2012 Haxo commented on Retired DEA Heads Tell Obama to Stop Pot Legalization Initiatives.
I propose two theorems for consideration.

Dominick Holden has no shame in his knee jerk support for I-502.

The level of comment on this site accurately reflects the maturity
and intelligence of his readers, which is none to high, way too high,
or not high enough, as the case may be.

Aug 31, 2012 Haxo commented on Hempfest Is Happening Right Now—but They're Not Trying to Legalize Pot.
Hempfest was great.

I-502 Sucks.

So do Dom and Viv.
Aug 29, 2012 Haxo commented on Guess Which Republican Is in Bed with Our Medical-Marijuana Industry!.
Dominick has got to be all over anything that involves old white men and a bed.
Aug 23, 2012 Haxo commented on Did the Medical-Marijuana Industry Go Too Far Campaigning Against Pot Legalization Initiative 502 at Hempfest this Weekend?.
It is too bad that 80-90% of the hempfest crowd heckled the pro I-502 people, but understandable after being conned into supporting a political scam like I-502 by false claims of "legalization". Holden probably supports I-502 because the proponents (including insurance company execs, lawyers, and out of state profiteers) are spending over 3.5 million to jam it down our throats, since he is obviously in support of having stuff jammed down his throat. Further, if I-502 passes, the cops will ream all pot smokers up the ass with their new 5 nanogram per milliliter DUID provisions, and Dominick likes getting reamed too.

The real violations of the PDA are probably those perpetrated by the Stranger and Holden, using their influence to support and misled the public about an initiative that is not "legalization" and which will make it very easy for the cops to bust stoners for DUID days or (in the case of the zero tolerance provisions for minors) weeks after they have stopped using a harmless plant.

Check out the actual text of the initiative, which includes broadened implied consent for blood testing and which allows probable cause for a blood test to be established simply by a declaration from a cop that they believe a driver is high.

Like Ernst Roehm and his brownshirts, Dominick is just another fascist with sexual identity problems, trying to use his position to bully Stranger readers into falling in step with his goose-stepping party line. If your don't agree with him he tries to smear you as an evil profiteer or a cop trying to stop "legalization".

From what I heard and witnessed at hempfest, dominick and one of his buttboys Ben Livingston threw a full on hissy fit when some people tried to oppose I-502. A petition should be circulated to have Dominick replaced with a someone who can report objectively without using the Stranger to support one side or the other. Perhaps the PDC should investigate Dominick and the Stranger, and see how much of the 3.5 million that I-502 is spending has stuck in their pockets, or been tucked into their g-strings.

Dominick should grow up and stop whining like a little---reporter for the Stranger.

Aug 15, 2012 Haxo commented on Anti-Pot-Initiative Campaign Implodes on First Day (UPDATED! HAHAHAHAHA!).
Kudos to dominick for some accurate reporting. PDC fundraising and reporting violations are no small matter, especially if money is being diverted to improper purposes, The "Marijuana Activists" behind I-502 and those like Dawdy attempting to profit from it are equally reprehensible.

Don't forget that while crooks like Dawdy are draining anti-I-502 funds from the No On I-502 effort to their own ends, the pro I-502 forces have no Phil Dawdy "helping" them and have collected over 3.5 million Dollars to Cram their political agenda down the voter's throats. (maybe that's why Dominic likes I-502, since he approves of their strategy)

To control incidents one needs to have both sides covered. Dawdy has done more to hurt the public's confidence in both sides of the I-502 mess than could be imagined. Can you say "agent provocateur", kids?