Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jul 30 Ruke commented on Swill Recalled.
I've got a couple of bottles of Swill at home right now - it comes in 10 Barrels sampler pack. It's pretty dang tasty - I hope that they didn't have to destroy the entire production run.
Jul 28 Ruke commented on Now That Nerds Run Everything, San Diego Comic-Con Has Become Irrelevant.
@7 Ding.

SDCC isn't a press event. It's an opportunity to hustle your webcomic. It's an opportunity to sit on the floor and play Magic: The Gathering. It's an opportunity to dress up as a supporting character from a Manga that's only been fansubbed into english, and still have people recognize you. It is an opportunity to build a culture around the consumption of your franchise.

The only people who go to ComicCon just for the big releases are the people who were getting paid to go.
Jul 15 Ruke commented on Who Should Win: Democratic House Speaker Frank Chopp or Socialist Challenger Jess Spear?.
Rent control is a terrible idea, right? Like, that's not a controversial opinion? It didn't work in New York, and out didn't work in the Bay - you just end up with Amazon employees buying out the rent-controlled leases. Zoning laws have to change if you want affordable rent in the city that doesn't leave the richest citizens chomping at the bit to dump their money into some sort of loophole.
Jul 2 Ruke commented on Is Washington Ready For A Second Socialist? Jess Spear Launches Campaign Against House Speaker Frank Chopp.
I know the delicate balance of power is interesting and important and not at all played to death, but frankly, I'm worried about rent control. How does Spear envision this working? It's not like it worked in SF or NYC; you just get the incredibly-wealthy people who want to live in those cities buying the rent-controlled units from the people who they were designed for.
Jun 23 Ruke commented on Creepy Religious Text Messages Urge Me to "Reep" What I Sow.
On the plus side, whoever is threatening you with God's Wrath™ probably drives a pickup truck. You don't see too many pickup trucks in Seattle, so you'll know it's coming!
Jun 19 Ruke commented on Quantum Biology, Advanced Microbes, and Primative Humans.
I mean, it's not shocking that life has evolved to take advantage of quantum effects. There's no difference between classical physics and quantum physics and metaphysics - it's all "environment," a series of rules which must be followed by bits of matter in a mathematical dance. As useful as it is to humanize Evolution, describing it as "selecting" more-fit individuals, there's no intelligence present. Evolution doesn't need to understand why something works before it utilizes it; evolution isn't a thing. It's a description of a trend, where things that are better at copying themselves tend to end up with more copies of themselves.
Jun 12 Ruke commented on Seattle City Council Public Safety Committee Confirms Police Chief Nominee, But Is She Ready to Take On Anti-Reform Officers?.
I know that The Stranger is itching for someone to officially denounce the entirety of the SPD, but you have to realize that she is going to have to work with these people. Firing a quarter of the SPD out of the gates just isn't an option. In order to do her job effectively, O'Toole needs the trust of the SPD, and she's not going to get that by waltzing in and telling everybody that they're a bunch of fuckups and fuckup-enablers.

She seems like she realizes what effective policing looks like. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt here, and say that her unwillingness to call the unions unambiguous monsters is, in fact, her exercising tact.
Jun 12 Ruke commented on To Shut Off the Bad Parts of the Internet.
@5 Self control (the abstract concept) is something that you can and should learn on your own. Your phone is not doing these things to you; changing your phone is only masking the problem. If you are unhappy with your distractedness, the change needs to be within you.
Jun 3 Ruke commented on How an SPD Diaperbaby Threw a Giant Baby Tantrum When Asked to Give Doritos to Stoners.
I could not force myself to slog (heh) through all of that he-said she-alledgedly-said bullshit. Does it really take 1600 words to make a salient point here?
Jun 3 Ruke commented on Police Beat: Officer Runs Over Cat.
I mean, that's unfortunate, but I have no reason to not believe him. I mean, props on reporting himself, I guess?

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