Oct 3, 2014 malivuk commented on A Hopefully Great New Home (in the Same Spot) for Hugo House.
#3 - Did you read the article? Hugo House didn't make the decision. They've been housed in the building, rent free, for 20 years, and now the landlord is tearing it down. Your misplaced outrage could be better directed at another target - like the landlord, or the developer, or the City permitting process.
Mar 11, 2014 malivuk commented on Ban Bossy? I Don't Think So. Be Bossier..
#18, you're wrong. There are not biological differences in male and female brains that ensure women are 'nurturing' or anything else. Whatever differences exist are the product of experience - of cultural conditioning that prescribes roles for men and women. Read some things before you start talking all 'sciencey.'



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Oct 26, 2011 malivuk commented on Three Hours with Occupy Seattle's General Assembly.
You haven't been criticized for emphasizing the "bad" and glossing over the "good." You've been criticized for sloppy reporting - making value judgments based on hearsay, using anonymous sources as mouthpieces for your own biases (or maybe allowing yourself to be a mouthpiece for theirs) failing to clearly state which events you've witnessed and which you've only heard about, and for a general disregard of the concerns brought by people of color. Please understand - these criticisms of your reporting are NOT all coming from within OWS. I am not a participant in the protests, and I can see how you've short-changed the coverage by relying on assumptions and supposition. For example, if this was your first time attending a General Assembly, why exactly did you feel so confident characterizing the events at previous assemblies?