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Apr 22, 2014 F'n F'gs commented on Seattle Must Avoid Tacoma's Bus Catastrophe.
I live with 5 other voting adults. We all voted no.
Mar 25, 2014 F'n F'gs commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
I always get a kick out of people who complain about people who own or are paying on single family homes and their 'free' use of public streets. Ever heard of property taxes?
Mar 18, 2014 F'n F'gs commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
No, people here do dress like shit, and this is hilarious. I'm guessing most of you love People of Walmart because 'those people live in small town america.' I'm guessing this hits close to home for a lot of the commentators. Cut your hair hippies!
Feb 26, 2014 F'n F'gs commented on Seattle Teachers Vow to Boycott a New Standardized Test.
So I have a fair amount of teacher friends and whenever I ask them how work is going, not once, ever, have they said anything about the kids they work with. They immediately start bashing administration and never once mention how kids are doing in their classes.

With that, all of these kids, if they plan to go to college, 4 year or 2 year will need to take some sort of standardized test, such as the ACT, SAT, COMPASS, or heck, even the CASAS test for the non native speakers. These tests do serve a purpose in helping prepare students for the other tests they will have to take to enter college. It's just a reality.

I understand teachers' worries about these tests being tied to what they are teaching and progress, but I'd venture this would really only effect a very, very small number of teachers who are in fact failing to be proper educators. No doubt most are excellent, but I think any of us who went through the system know that certain teachers should probably be doing something else.
Dec 19, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on One of the Duck Dynasty Beards Is Homophobic.
@15 ha ha, good point!
Dec 19, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on Property Management.
What a bunch of NIMBY's
Oct 30, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on What Is the Republican Strategy on Obamacare?.
You have a weird fascination with Mitt Romney.
Oct 14, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on Do Districts Have a Race Problem?.
"If district elections are about giving more people a voice, why is the campaign running without support from any major progressive groups?"

Possibly because progressive groups (ie construction and big business) are so entrenched in the current system they don't stand to benefit from it. Progressive groups run Seattle politics as it stands now, why would they support something that looks to shake that up?

As for 'renters,' the district map has large swaths of renting districts/areas in each district. District 1 with likely the least but they have large numbers along California, and Housing areas like High Point. District 2 touches the southern portion of downtown which has an increasing number of renters, not to mention the housing areas on Beacon Hill, along MLK and Rainier Ave's. District 3 is obviously capitol hill. District 4 has the entire U District, likely portions of Roosevelt and Lake City, not to mention the large number of units along Sand Point Way. District 5 has Lake City and Aurora Corridors, not to forget Northgate, 15th Ave NE and Greenwood Ave N. District 6 has Greenlake, Ballard, Fremont. District 7 has East Magnolia, Interbay, Lower Queen Anne and Belltown.
Apr 24, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on I, Anonymous.
At the same time I bet this is a lesbian who has a crush on a straight friend but is upset that the straight friend is a head over heals infatuated with the guy giving her the sausage four nights a week but none of the emotion she would be willing to give at the end all purpose of rubbing clitoris's together someday. Selfish selfish Lesbian creeper.
Apr 24, 2013 F'n F'gs commented on I, Anonymous.
This girl sounds pretty awesome to me! Whats the problem?