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Aug 31, 2013 NotSpicoli commented on Liquor Board Apologizes for Dispensary Visit.
LadyBudsInc This is posted on your facebook page

"What I'm saying is the LCB is going around trying to intimidate and gain access to collectives where they have NO JURISDICTION!"

Can you tell me what other collectives have had visits?
Aug 31, 2013 NotSpicoli commented on Liquor Board Apologizes for Dispensary Visit.
Ladybug Peters and/or Ben It is being reported that the officer stated to the person at the dispensary, "That they are the people who will be regulating us."

Can you verify if she said it and if so, why she said it?
Oct 15, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Fuck Gestures and Symbolism, I-502 Will Save Lives.
As I read this I couldn't help but think about the Truman Capote story, "Glass House."
Aug 28, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Study: Smoking Acres of Weed as a Kid Makes You Dumb, Basically Forever.
"Demand that policymakers who legalize marijuana guarantee the drug will not be marketed to children, like alcohol and tobacco are." Seems fair.

And this is precisely the kind of safeguards that are provided by I-502. One of the key features of I-502 is implementing regulations and funding programs aimed at preventing teen substance use. The safeguards draw on the lessons learned from effective youth prevention strategies for the regulated and taxed substances, alcohol and tobacco .

One of I-502's sponsors, Dr. Roger Roffman is a retired emeritus professor at the University of Washington and a chemical dependency expert. Along with another UW professor and I-502 sponsor, Dr, Bob Wood, they have authored the brochure, "What about kids? Questions Parents Ask About Marijuana Legalization," which is available at…
Apr 19, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Not Just Pot Doctors.
"That conventional care could come down to simple things, like prescribing glucosamine to build up cartilage..."

Like cannabis, glucosamine cannot be prescribed by a physician because it is not FDA approved. Like cannabis, it can only be recommended by a physician. And as such, it is not covered by insurance.

Mar 22, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Passing I-502 Would Generate Over a Half-Billion Dollars a Year.
Why are the cartels and others engaged in the marijuana industry? Massive profit. Marijuana costs very little to grow and it sells at a mark-up unrelated to actual production costs.
Mar 14, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on This Is, and I am Not Exaggerating, One of the Stupidest Things I Have Ever Seen.
It is a shame that this film maker has chosen to associate the Occupy Movement with the furtherance of prohibition. Thankfully he had enough taste not to have Jesus spouting some anti-502 propaganda. Or will that appear in the sequel...
Mar 8, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Pot Activists vs. Pot Activists.
@31 "In 2010 I helped assemble a group of some of the most seasoned activists to defeat Prop19 and we succeeded."

And in doing so I'm sure you earned the undying gratitude of Gil Kerlikowske, Robert DuPont, Pastor Ron Allen, Steve Cooley the drug cartels, marijuana profiteers, the alcohol industry, the prison industry, law enforcement...well you get the point.

A tree by is recognized by its fruit.
Mar 6, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on We're Not Anti-Legalization, We're Anti-Bad Policy.
nurse mimi @128 from your post at the link: "And now NORML sends it’s minions to personally attack patients, both collectively, and by also individually singling out the most vocal members with personal attacks, in order to back an initiative that solidifies NORML’s stance on cannabis patients."

I defy and challenge Nurse Meiwes to produce a single instance where I have called her a name or attacked her personally. Anyone familiar my posts over the years knows that that is not my style. I have never found name calling and personal attacks to be an effective strategy for winning hearts and minds. Name calling and personal attacks represent a lack of technique or discipline. It is not effective advocacy.

The most critical thing I have said about Nurse Mimi is that Mimi "as the spokesperson [for her initiative] is the best thing that could happen for I-502, but unfortunately a disaster looming for medical cannabis users and public relations."

However, all over the internet I have been the recipient of personal attacks by Nurse Mimi.

Below is what Nurse Mimi wrote about yours truly on January 3 here at The Stranger. After crowing that she has discovered that "notSpicoli" is really Dominic Holden (the same assertion that Dr. Mobley made), which I considered a compliment, but is untrue.

Apparently convinced that I'm not Dominic, she then made another wild (bordering on delusional) claim:
"Yeah, [not] Spicoli, that’s why when you were finally outed you screamed like a little kid to facebook about it, right? Said I got personal info off of another site and outed you, but you were a dumb ass and admitted it too, and now everyone knows you are Solomon Schecter (you have outed me a number of times, so all IS fair), dumb ass without a single bachelor’s degree who happens to make medibles and SELLS to patients!...What a hypocrite. I should have figured it out that first time, when you were asked to leave that booth because you were going off on people for no good reason, at least none we could figure out. But you were going off on people as NotSpicoli, only they knew you as Solomon...Your lies are catching up to you and now YOU get tangled in your own web."

On another site she replied to me, "You are a joke."

On October 30 she issued a malediction, "Your selfish outlook is telling, and I do hope someday you will suffer as those who are disabled do, and that it is more difficult for you than it is for me."

Here's one that is inexplicable but seems like a personal attack, "Stop being such a hypocrite and grow a vagina! (Balls are way too delicate)" and a dismissive, "Screw you."

On December 20, in response to one of my posts her reply, "You really are an idiot!"

Other examples abound and include labeling me "bad," "disgusting," "cruel," "uncaring," and "ignorant."

With the feds commitment to wipe out safe access to medical cannabis in our nation and the growing public perception that there are significant numbers of users of medical cannabis who do so in order to skirt the law, one would hope that the medical cannabis community would do whatever it could to make and maintain friends.

Prior to her intemperate remarks against me and her decision to work against I-502 as much as to put forth an accommodation initiative, not only would I have signed her initiative, I would have collected signatures and given some dollars. And I sure that many other I-502 supporters would also have supported her initiative as well. (Even though I feel that the DUI-C section is merely a restatement of current law.)

As a final example of how not to treat friends, Nurse Mimi has been critical of Peter Lewis, the retired CEO of Progressive Insurance, for his contribution to I-502 and even alludes to financial motives on his part--an attempt to sell high priced insurance rates for those convicted of DUI-C.

Who is a greater friend of medical cannabis and marijuana reform than Peter Lewis--a medical cannabis user himself? He just gave $526,000 to virtually finance the medical cannabis ballot initiative in Massachusetts. He's virtually financing the medical cannabis initiative in Ohio.

Making enemies of friends is a terrible strategy for effective reform.
Mar 5, 2012 NotSpicoli commented on Are Stoners Throwing Patients Under the Bus?.

Please back up your claim that NAW has released a $444 per ounce figure.

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