Apr 2, 2013 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 336.
But what if I want a longer show... and I'm still willing to listen to the commercials? and I don't want to have to pay?

Don't people know advertising is how radio and podcasts make their money???
Mar 20, 2013 aud21 commented on Savage Love.
Aaaaaaaah!!!!! That was a disturbing visual! YIKES!
Of course it's an urban legend, I cannot believe people actually still believe that

and Guuuuuuh!!!
Nov 14, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 316.
Dan!!! You had me in tears listening to this at work. I can't convey my Congratulations enough. xxx from Canada.
Oct 23, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 313.
I appreciated the ending today... I've had more than one of my gay friends come out to me, and I'm always proud. I'm proud to support them, I am proud they feel comfortable enough to tell me and I am proud to support gay marriage as a straight woman and as a person overall.
Jun 26, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 297.
Yes... there is a important distinction re: getting boyfriend/partner/husband penis pics as apposed to getting random dude penis pics.

Sure I like to see my partner hard via pictures, it can be totally hot.

Random dude ...not so much.
May 15, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 291.
I'd love to do all I could to help support Obama in this next election! As a straight identified female... I'm fully in support. I have a lot of gay friends, my Aunt and her partner were married soon after same sex marriage became legal in Canada. But being a Canadian ...I don't have a lot of influence. But Obama's announcement had a big effect on us here in Canada as well. We were excited to finally hear him say it!
Apr 26, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love.
the first time I ever squirted I was 19. I had no idea what the fuck just happened. I only knew it was great, and I wasn't really able to move for a while afterwards.
My partner at the time was 26...he had no idea either. I tell some, not all prospective partners that I'm able to squirt... it's a lot of pressure if you're not able to...but I've never held back when I did.
Guys ask a lot more now though.
Jan 24, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 275.
I'm not going to rant about the size 12 thing...because men have no concept of clothing sizes.
Hell. most women don't anymore because of the fashion industry bs.
But THANK YOU for yelling at him!!! I'm one of those 'bigger' girls... at my smallest I'm a size 12 ... I'm sick of being treated like shit by those guys. They think I'm hot, sexy, whatever... just not in public. So FUCK them.
Thanks Dan!
Jan 17, 2012 aud21 commented on Savage Love Episode 274.
Loved all the comments about the grandparents today! My grandmother passed away before one of her daughters ever came out ... she was always nervous of what my grandmother would think - I always thought and hoped my Nana would be accepting.

As a side note about the Pope insulting straight people - Yes. I am insulted. I don't follow what the Pope says - not being Catholic or religious. But pretty much all the comments the Pope makes I find insulting. I love my birth control!
Dec 6, 2011 aud21 commented on Savage ove Episode 268.
Hey some women like the down and dirty porn... we have fantasies too! I understand Lucy's disappointment in being shown 'vanilla porn' ...
Also about the girl fucking her bf's ass, I've been asked to do it, in the end he didn't want to actually do it, but it made me nervous... not for him so much but for me. (we're all for fingers and tongues - but as a straight girl, actually fucking a guy made me nervous.