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  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: Idk, is it part of Area 51?
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: Wind Beneath My Wings (tears of audio pain)
  • God is: Dog spelled backwards
  • No legs and a million dollars or A million legs and no dollars

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6:56 PM yesterday sperifera commented on Rodney Tom's Legacy Is Megalomania, Not Successful Bipartisanship.
I grew up with Rodney Tom. He was a little shit when he was 10 years old.

Can someone please come over and clean up the buckets of vomit that spewed from my mouth when I saw how The Seattle Times viewed his career. It's quite a mess.

Much like Tom's legacy.

6:45 PM yesterday sperifera commented on In Culture News: Fabulous Prizes, Getting Social, and RuPaul Finally Listens to Trans Activists.
Squeaky Wheel Gets Greased? Quasi-disrespectful in my mind. I'd like to think that RP joined 2014 and realized that it is wrong to use terms that are used derogitorally towards any minority, even if not meant in that manner. Regardless of the entomology of the t_ _ _ _ _ word or the s_ _- m_ _ _ word, if it is used by bullies/bigots/haters/dumbshits to oppress others, then it's time to cease using it. Language changes, and though I used many words earlier on in my life (I'm 50+) before enlightenment occurred to me (on the true meanin and usage of a word), I don't use them any more.

There will be more words in the future that will become like these two and the words that begin with n, f, g, k, d, c, s, etc. On the other hand, maybe RP didn't figure it out, and had it figured out for him.
Apr 14 sperifera commented on 36 People Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago.
I was curious how many comments it would take before the inevitable race card was played, and to my non-surprise Lucifer's spawn took it with comment #1.
Apr 13 sperifera commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@4 - There you go again.

I keep thinking you're making progressive moves in your evolution towards becoming a better human being. And then something like this slips out and ruins it.
Apr 12 sperifera commented on Washington State Gets A "B" In Transparency For Not Demonstrating Benefits of Boeing Tax Break.
The only thing more annoying than Boeing tax breaks are WASHPirg fundraiser/panhandlers.
Apr 9 sperifera commented on What Could Possibly Go Wrong?.
@12 - And that really IS our problem in a nutshell, isn't it? Very well put.
Apr 9 sperifera commented on The Actual Economics of Cities Raising the Minimum Wage For Every Employee, Tipped and Untipped (Spoiler Alert: Things Turn Out Fine).
You know, I'd be ALL FOR including tips into total compensation if it were the restaurants that were paying it. But it isn't. It's you and me that are paying a hefty portion of their labor cost directly to the server. It's high time restaurants bucked the fuck up and started paying their employees a living wage. If it means you'll have to charge ME more for my Vindaloo, then I say FUCKING BRING IT.
Apr 9 sperifera commented on Knife Attack at School Outside Pittsburgh.
"The only thing we can say is that we should train our rampage killers to freely go with a knife instead of a gun."

Yes folks, JBITDMFOTP.
Apr 9 sperifera commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
I love how Meinert is trying to pull in the servers a la Stockholm Syndrome. OK, maybe love is the wrong word...

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