1:01 PM yesterday MLM commented on CDC: Marriage Rates Up in 2014, Divorce Rates Down.
@5: "If anything, the less they know, the more certain they become."

Amen. It's baffling.
Nov 12 MLM commented on KUOW Plans to Purchase KPLU and Make It an All Jazz Station. What Happens to Their Reporters?.
If this was really on the up-and-up and "good for the Puget Sound Community", they wouldn't have felt the need to keep it secret until the very last minute, especially from the staff.

Love KPLU, not so much KUOW. Also, KUOW doesn't come in very well down in Tacoma.
Sep 24 MLM commented on Four Dead, 12 Critically Injured in Collision Beteween Bus and Ride the Ducks Vehicle on Aurora Bridge.
Agreed that the Aurora Bridge is scary, even more so with wind and/or rain.

What a terrible day. My condolences to the families as well.
Aug 12 MLM commented on I Love TV.
This sucks.
Aug 10 MLM commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Drama Club.
Yeah, I can usually read even the longer ones, but I didn't make it all the way through this one. Just break up, let it go.
Apr 7 MLM commented on A Suggestion from a Reader of The Stranger Arrived in the Mail Today.
I like that he felt the need to hyphenate the word "picture".
Mar 16 MLM commented on Four Places You Can Get Delicious Fish 'n' Chips for Less Than $10.
Sunfish is soooo much better than Spuds, it's not even a contest.
Jan 28 MLM commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
@7: "maybe half of them were born here or have even lived here more than 20 years"

Dial that back to about 25% and you might be onto something.

Signed, Born here and lived here more than 20 40 years
Jan 23 MLM commented on SkyMall Magazine Has Filed for Bankruptcy.
My best friend once made me a birthday card with the silliest cut-out pictures and descriptions from a SkyMall catalog collaged all over it. (She had been on a flight home just before my birthday.)

I treasure that card.