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Dec 24 rshoff commented on Sony Screws Over Independent Cinema by Releasing The Interview for Rental on YouTube Today.
This is an exceptional move. Sony was screwed over themselves, and they are trying to release a movie under very difficult circumstances. This is not indicative of their intentions toward Independent Cinema. What their intentions are, I don't know, but this release should be viewed as an exception.
Dec 24 rshoff commented on The Director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes Veers Into Science Fiction with The Gambler, a Film That Expects Us To Believe Mark Wahlberg as an English Professor.
Now that I know who Mark Wahlberg was before he made it big in underwear, (i.e., throwing rocks at kids and calling them names) nothing he does interests me. In fact, I'll avoid supporting his movies.
Dec 5 rshoff commented on Hey, Straight Men! Stop Having Gay Sex with Your Wives and Girlfriends!.
@22, it was an honest question with many thoughtful answers posted. If you want to believe unkind things about me, go ahead. But the entire concept of these discussions is the we get to learn about what other people experience, isn't it? Or am I to take no interest in why anybody does anything, or even wants to, and assume that I should only focus only my own experiences and interests?
Dec 2 rshoff commented on Hey, Straight Men! Stop Having Gay Sex With Your Wives and Girlfriends!.
Okay Dan, answer me this. Why in the world would a woman want to be the recipient of anal sex? She has no prostate to be massaged by the (other) man's penis.

So, other than thinking she is participating in 'gay male sex' or that she is trying to please her partner, I cannot think of why she would want to take it up the ass.

Enlighten me, please. I think.
Sep 24 rshoff commented on The Other Side of Lopsided Bisexuality.
Well, a gay man who is not bisexual can get really very hurt by bisexual men that just want a fuck buddy and don't realize that their sexual prowess is hurtful.

I think the best solution is for everyone to admit who and what they are to themselves and everybody else. There really are gays and straights that are not bi. Really. They should be given the curtesy of making their own choices as well.
Sep 9 rshoff commented on The Bird-Feeding in Cal Anderson Park Is Out of Control.
I'd worry about off leash animals, kids in the water feature, drug pushers and addicts, as well as gangs and thugs. Old people and birds should be at the bottom of the list of things to be bothered by. Really.
Aug 22 rshoff commented on American Public Schools Projected to Hit a Demographic Milestone This Year.
@15, we don't see through the racial lens until we are taught. It is not blindness to see no color. It is a form hazy vision to see it where it does not belong and draw correlation that need not be drawn.
Aug 22 rshoff commented on American Public Schools Projected to Hit a Demographic Milestone This Year.
@6, I read 3,4 and really don't see any racism. Maybe you could explain where you see it? Analytically, don't bother to name call. I am curious.
Aug 21 rshoff commented on People Who Live Near Fixed-Rail Transit Are Happier.
It's self selection. The ones that don't like it, and therefore would be unhappiest, tend to leave. That would be ok, but it can be at tremendous cost to them if they are homeowners (a.k.a. property tax payers).

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