Nov 6, 2011 smkn380 commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
My German Shepherd (on a leash) almost lost an eye to a female pitbull (no leash) at the beach. The 3 little low-life losers had no control and did NOTHING to end it. I had to drag the dogs into the surf and almost drown the damn dog before she let go--all the time being called a bitch and a cunt for hurting their dog. They ran away with their "loving" pet and left me with a $600 vet bill.

I went through another similar situation walking my dog (on a leash) near home--another pit bull (no leash) and another vet bill.

Now, years later, I have a black lab puppy and I listen to the pit lovers at the dog park talking about their blue or pink-nosed lovebugs (like they were dolphins) and how gentle they are. What they don't talk about is training them to pull on the baby swings at the park or how they have to tether them in cages so they don't scale fences or chew through the back door of the house (like my neighbor's dogs--the wind or the meter reader is always to blame for the open gate). I never heard of a "break stick" until last week (at the dog park)--the pit crowd was comparing products. Because I live in a more rural area, I carry a gun. In town, an axe should suffice.

These dogs never play with other dogs and the owners are never within 100 ft of them--usually on cell phones or hanging with the other "responsible" pit owners far away from any control zone.

I've been knocked down, for no reason, by two of these fantastic pets. I was just standing on the grass and watching other dogs playing--no dogs or people near me.
It wasn't a mistake or an accident--and neither of the owners even helped me up or asked me if I was OK (not that they were even close enough). I have a huge bruise on the back of my right leg from the last hit. This one came at me after I fell. When I asked the woman to keep her dog away she said, "Are you afraid of my dog?". I've been bumped by lots of dogs at the park, including my own, but never run down by any that weren't playing with another dog.

My own vet says to avoid pit bulls (their jaws don't lock) because they are bred to hold on and inflict maximum damage--and the owners aren't much better, IMO.

Yeah, yeah, pit bulls are only 5% of the dog population but they account for the majority of maulings and deaths--and everything but breeding seems to "provoke" them to violence. Dogs walking/barking/running/playing. People walking/yelling/running/playing/holding something. OH, and they have "NEVER shown any kind of aggression in the past", "somebody must have done something to make this happen" and "they were just being protective".

Go ahead, feel free to call me the above names. It's what I've come to expect from pit owners. I'm 60 years old and this is the first time I've ever posted on the subject. I didn't come by my opinions overnight or by reading. I used to just blame the owners but experience has taught me well.

The bright side is.. 80% of pit bull fatalities are to family members.
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