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Jan 26, 2013 Richard Pope commented on Seattle Gun Buyback Exceeds Expectations, Blows Through $118,000 in Under Three Hours.
How many of the so-called bought back guns were stolen? Probably easier to get a c-note or two for your stolen firearm, than to fence it. Of the legit-owned firearms, I doubt that many of them were in goodenough shape to be worth even a hundred bucks. A friend of mine was a "private buyer" at one of these buy backs in 1993 in Seattle. In fact, the only one. He offer 60 bucks and up,, when the city was paying only 50 bucks. Lots of people talked with him, but he only found four weapons that he was willing to pay 60 bucks for - out of over a hundred that talked with him.
Jan 25, 2013 Richard Pope commented on Rob McKenna Blames Me for Single-Handedly Costing Him the Election.
McKenna may have outperformed Rossi's 2008 Seattle numbers, but he underperformed the hell out of McKenna's own 2008 Seattle numbers. Based on the election night percentages (which vary slightly from the final percentages -- too lazy to find the final numbers and do the math), in 2008 McKenna got 39.60% in the 36th, 30.54% in the 43rd, and 29.41% in the 37th. McKenna lost nearly half of his support in the deep blue areas of Seattle from 2008 to 2012.
Dec 24, 2012 Richard Pope commented on The Monday Morning News.
So Goldy, how does any of this show that law-abiding folks should have their guns taken away from them?

1. The man who murdered and wounded firefighters in New York spent 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother. As a convicted felon, it was illegal for him to own any firearm, or for anyone to transfer a firearm to him.

2. The young woman killed by Tacoma Police after pointing a handgun at them had been arrested and charged in Pierce County Superior Court with several felonies. The county prosecutor conditionally dismissed the charges in September 2012 in exchange for the woman participating in a diversion probation program -- which should have included a prohibition on the woman possessing any firearms.

3. Unclear what happened in Auburn, but knives are very effective murder weapons as well. Knives in Mexico kill more people per capita than guns in the USA. In fact, despite very stringent gun control in Mexico (including absolute ban on assault weapons in private hands), firearms in Mexico also kill more people per capita than firearms in the USA.

The first two scenarios in today's tragic news simply show that we do a piss-poor job of enforcing existing firearms laws -- which very stringently prohibit criminals from possessing firearms.

As for the bar murder in Bellevue, Washington state law makes bars "gun free" zones. It is illegal to carry a firearm in a bar, even with a CWP. This law makes a lot of sense, and I definitely think it should stay on the books. But it won't stop a determined killer.
Dec 24, 2012 Richard Pope commented on Two More Drops in the Ocean.
This is a horrible tragedy, and my condolences to the firefighters and their families. How did the killer get the gun in the first place? I read that he served 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother. As a convicted felon, it was illegal under both state and federal law for him to possess any firearm, or for anyone to give him or sell him a firearm. Existing gun control laws are not keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals. So what benefit is there to disarming law-abiding citizens (and legal immigrants, for that matter) who never have and never will commit a crime?
Dec 24, 2012 Richard Pope commented on You're Never Too Drunk to Know You're Too Drunk to Drive.
A drunk driving conviction in 1992 (when he was 50 years old) didn't stop Butch Otter, then a second term Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. Otter was re-elected twice more as Lieutenant Governor, three times to the U.S. House, and twice more as Governor, where he has served since 2006.
Nov 1, 2012 Richard Pope commented on "Traditional Marriage," Matt Manweller Style.
Gnossos @ 20

I think you have Hurricane, UT confused with Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ, which are about 40 miles away. The latter towns are the stronghold of the polygamist FLDS church, which has about 6,000 members, mostly in those two towns. From everything I see, Hurricane is typical of small-town Utah. Not very much in the way of open polygamists there.
Nov 1, 2012 Richard Pope commented on "Traditional Marriage," Matt Manweller Style.
I didn't see Oralynn Reeve in that yearbook. Nothing in text search -- other than the team manager thing, with her not in the team picture. And not listed under the sophomore class at all -- several other Reeve's, but no Oralynn, in the sophomore photos. Pictures are optional of course, but I would say it would be unusual for a student to opt-out of being in the yearbook in a closely knit small town Utah community ...
Nov 1, 2012 Richard Pope commented on "Traditional Marriage," Matt Manweller Style.
Goldy -- I was wondering when any MEDIA of any sort would pick up on this story. There is a LOT more to be uncovered here, although I think you have tapped into most of the obvious sources of information here. Sad that Manweller will easily win election next Tuesday, since the district is so heavily Republican (at least outside the city of Ellensburg proper) and his opponent is a Democrat. Hopefully, he will be a one-termer, and get knocked out by a credible GOP party challenger in 2014.

Interesting that Manweller married his first wife in Boise, Idaho -- which is hundreds of miles away from the small town in SW Utah where she was from. Manweller was a PhD graduate student in Eugene, Oregon at the time. Legally, she was 18 and he was 30, so they could have done it anywhere. All the other surrounding states have about a three day waiting period, whereas Idaho will marry you immediately after getting the license.

I guess you didn't find any evidence that Manweller is a Mormon, otherwise we would be hearing about that too. I think Hurricane, UT -- like most of the state outside Salt Lake City and the resort areas -- is pretty heavily LDS. Somehow I seriously doubt that Reeve's parents and relatives were thrilled at all about the romance and marriage, nor would Manweller exactly continued to be welcome in this pretty close-knit community ...
Nov 8, 2011 Richard Pope joined My Stranger Face
Nov 8, 2011 Richard Pope commented on Electoral Upsets Could Be Brewing in King County Council and Port of Seattle Races.
So Goldy, can you tell me exactly which Port of Seattle commission race was surprisingly competitive this year? Glad I remember to vote, at least ...