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Oct 16 Drunken Housewife commented on I, Anonymous.
Go file for divorce, you creepy tattle-tale. What kind of a self-respecting adult runs to their spouse's family to tattle?
Feb 24 Drunken Housewife commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
Goldy asked me, "@53: "So you favor undermining the livelihoods of full time taxi drives for the sake of people who choose to earn a little extra money part time?""

I ask Goldy in return: "So you favor undermining the livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands, of rideshre drivers for the sake of a few hundred cab medallion holders?"

It's pretty disingenuous to make it out that this is all about the poor immigrant cabbies (incidentally plenty of immigrants drive for Lyft and the other services). Who wins if the rideshares are cut off at the knees? The medallion holders. Not the public who want more transportation options. Not the many people who desperately need to make more money and need a flexible part-time to full-time job.
Feb 23 Drunken Housewife commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
Goldy asked me, "@48 So you favor undermining the livelihoods of full time taxi drivers for the sake of people who choose to earn a little extra money part time?" That's a rather prejudicial way of phrasing it. I would put it that I am heartily in favor of a new industry which allows artists, musicians, teachers, deaf people (we have a LOT of deaf Lyft drivers, who have their own community within the larger driving community), stay-at-home parents, people who are starting businesses, and others who need flexible part-time work in order to get by in an extremely high-priced market. Lots of people drive for ridesharing while they look for a full-time job, and driving for Lyft or Sidecar allows them the flexibility they need in order to go on interviews and network while still scraping by.

I'm also in favor of people having more transit options. I used to work in SF's financial district, and I worked very long hours. Late at night I could try to get a cab (which would often be poached by another person), or I could combine walking and waiting alone late at night for a bus which ran very seldom. My life was a lot more difficult and dangerous, as a young woman before ridesharing came along.

If preserving the cab industry is so vital, why not subsidize cabs rather than cut off ridesharing at the knees? We subsidize farmers, for example, because we want that industry to survive. Subsidize the cabs which are accessible to wheelchairs, say.
Feb 23 Drunken Housewife commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
Another point which Goldy may not realize is that rideshare drivers cannot survive if they aren't motherfucking charming as all get out as well as highly competent. In order to drive for these services, we have to maintain an extremely high rating from passengers. Drivers are purged from the system if their rating drops below 4.6 stars.

Meanwhile cabdrivers in my personal experience tend to be rude. Sometimes their English is not good enough for me to communicate my destination. Once a cabbie had such road rage he left me in the cab to start a shoving match with another driver at a red light.

Cabs created scarcity by keeping the number of medallions low, so customers had little power. We had to take whatever cab we could get and be grateful for it. But with ridesharing, the passenger has control. By rating a driver 3 stars or below, you ensure you will never be matched with that driver again -- and if enough passengers do that, the driver is purged from the system again. Very different from the cab service.

I realize that this is not something mandatory, requiring drivers to keep insanely high customer ratings, but it could be made mandatory. Goldy and other writers who cover this seem to think that only cabs are safe and that when you get into a rideshare you're putting yourself at risk, but the reality is that only the more fabulous rideshare drivers can succeed. Too many unhappy passengers, and that driver is purged.
Feb 23 Drunken Housewife commented on City May Cap the Popular Rideshares That Compete with Cabs.
I drive for Lyft in San Francisco, where Lyft began and where we have no caps on the number of rideshares.

Capping the ride shares would destroy one of the most economically delightful things about them: they provide convenient part-time income with no strings attached. They help artists and musicians survive, as well as people who are trying to get a business off the ground (e.g., I know a fledgling attorney who drives Lyft evenings while she tries to get her practice off the ground). I'm a stay-at-home mother these days, and I drive very part-time (typically after I take my kids to school, I drive the rest of morning rush hour).

Taxi drivers tend to be full-time, and they have to earn out their gate fees. Lyft drivers tend to be doing something else and drive when demand is high (rush hour, weekend nights) to make ends meet.

Capping drivers will end part-time employment for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs whose business isn't profitable yet (and who aren't eligible for VC cash), etc..
Feb 13 Drunken Housewife commented on SL Letter of the Day: Devoteeeze.
Why rerun a fake letter, Dan? This really annoys me. I'm not thrilled with the recycling of old material, but I don't normally complain about it. You're a busy man; we get it. But recycling a proven fake? Really, really, really wrong.

Jan 29 Drunken Housewife commented on Savage Love.
I would not be so fast to push this guy out into the kinky community and try to have him find nice kinky ladies to do him for free.

Dominant women who don't charge are few and far between, and while some of them will play with a variety of men, many of them are looking for relationships and are expecting to have sex with the men they play with. Submissive men are a dime a dozen in the scene, sadly.

The wife may get a whole new complaint -- that her husband is spending too much of his free time in social circles where she doesn't want to go. And if he finds a kinky woman, he may get too attached to her. A pro is much less emotionally messy.

I was in the position of playing with a man married to a non-kinky woman, and although the wife had given permission, her jealousy grew and grew and became unmanageable. I walked away from it because I couldn't handle the unhinged demands she was making (e.g., forbidding him to ride in my car, forbidding me to wear perfume, forbidding me to drive on the street they live -- a major city street close to my home!, forbidding him to kiss me). I was the least threatening, least predatory person you could imagine, but you'd have thought I was a homewrecker.
Jan 17 Drunken Housewife commented on Kate Gosselin Gets Torpedoed by Silent Twin Daughters on the Today Show.
I was disturbed by Kate's casual slam of her ex, the girls' father, in front of them on national television. She listed the sources of disinformation about their family and "their father" was one. No matter how fucked up the ex may be, it's not right for one parent to so casually put the other down in front of the children.
Sep 22, 2013 Drunken Housewife commented on The Sunday Morning News.
So Hillary Clinton sucks because there is a female politician in Brazil who is "more badass"?

I wish we were at a point where women could be just politicians, rather than lady politicians. Sigh. And evidently only one is allowed to be "badass", so sucks to be you, Hillary C.

Please don't be like this, Slog. You are better than this.
Mar 7, 2013 Drunken Housewife commented on Advice Cop: Prudie Blows a Tiny Dick....
I normally love Prudie dearly, but today she was terrible.

I thought she was recommending looking for disabled women because disabled women are desperate and won't expect much sex and will be thrilled to get laid at all, even with a micropenis. They'll also have physical defects of their own and will therefore supposedly be more accepting of a man's physical defects. That's really not fair to either the disabled or to the micropenis guy.

Right now I'm thinking of a woman using a wheelchair I saw not long ago at a sex party, doing a domination scene. She was disabled but highly sexy, and she had two able bodied men waiting on her hand and foot. Disabled is not necessarily desperate.

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