Feb 29, 2012 redred commented on HELLO, EYE-SHARK!.
I have a raging shark boner and you have just made my day...now if you'll excuse me, I better go take care of this.
Jan 28, 2012 redred commented on Why Do So Many Women Have a Seemingly Irrational Hatred of Zooey Deschanel?.
Zooey is that song/band that you find and you love because think its so cool and a different sound in a sea of homogenized crap..you see her at the pretty parlor and you tell everyone you know how rad she is....inevitably everyone catches on and then you have to share it/her/them with the masses and its no longer your awesome gem...so you begin to resent it...your favorite "struggling artist" is on a big gulp cup....and then you wake up one morning and you realize....

Dec 16, 2011 redred commented on Real or Fake: Rapper Freddie Gibbs Gets to Keep His Weed?!.
so the f*ck what.
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Nov 15, 2011 redred commented on Jesus Appears on a Dog's Butthole.
If you have a "Dog is my co pilot" bumper sticker you gotta be pretty stoked.