I ride the bus.

Apr 17 livebio commented on Mike McGinn Gives a First Glimpse at His Mayoral Campaign Platform.
Not McGinn again! He's amazingly shameless about being self-serving and manipulative. Can't we do better than a choice between McGinn and Murray? That's like no choice.
Apr 4 livebio commented on Central District Activist Tells Jewish Uncle Ike's Owner to "Go Back to Germany" So Nazis Can "Get" Him Again.
Thanks for reporting this. I thought your article was fair and reasonable. The city shouldn't have permitted a pot shop on this corner. Now that it's there, and the focus of destructive conflict, could the city or a third party step in, offer mediation, and get energies directed toward actually DOING something to mitigate dislocation in the CD? People screaming at each other outside a business that has already been in business for quite a while is not doing anything helpful. Meanwhile, condos are going up and the rent and house prices are still too high for most people with deep roots in the Central District. The thing to look at is how the permitting decisions are being made. And what alternatives there are for people who don't want to leave the CD. We don't have to accept that the free market and developers run this town, do we? Maybe Uncle Ike's could contribute to some affordable housing in the neighborhood....
Oct 15, 2016 livebio commented on Seattle Storm Prep: Shelter Options For People Who Are Homeless.
Song for today: "Try imaging a place where it's always safe and warm"
Oct 15, 2016 livebio commented on Seattle Storm Prep: Shelter Options For People Who Are Homeless.
Thanks for this. I was walking around SoDo yesterday and saw a lot of people camping in the rain. I wondered where they were going to be tonight. There are a lot of large empty buildings in Seattle --warehouses for example--that would be preferable for temporary shelter to people being outside in a hurricane. Is there outreach going on, offering them a ride with their gear to a place indoors? There should be!
Oct 12, 2016 livebio commented on Birth of a Nation or the Birth of the Universe?.
I liked this.
Jul 11, 2016 livebio commented on Civilian Watchdog Investigating Complaints About Police Union's Facebook Post.
14 complaints filed! Good work.
Jul 7, 2016 livebio commented on House Dems Boo Sanders.
Boo! to you, Dan. Comparing Sanders to gun nuts is simplistic and unfair. Hillary is likely to be elected. And so we'll still have a huge heap of unsolved and unaddressed inequities on the table that Sanders wants to address. Let's not stop thinking because we're all scared to death of Trump. Plenty of us can vote for the lesser of two evils without a Sanders endorsement.
Jun 21, 2016 livebio commented on Brexit, Racism, and the Limits of Social Demoracy.
What's your point re: Socialism and The murder of Jo Cox? This article and its claims seem half-baked. Also, "Social Demoracy" in the headline? You guys have spellcheck, right?
May 3, 2016 livebio commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
Ansel, WTF. There were many brave people on that march who were publicly identifying themselves as undocumented. That is courage. How dare YOU, secure in your citizenship, denigrate their bravery? Talk about white privilege. What the hell is going on with you?