I ride the bus.

Oct 16 livebio commented on The City Librarian Wants to Spend Almost $2 Million on a Rebrand. Don’t Let That Happen..
Thank you for this. The rebranding survey on the library website alerted me to the fact that the institution had caught some sort of crazy virus. It was completely nuts, like some kind of joke. I loved the library just the way it was, extraordinary. If they have lots of money to spend, I have a suggestion. Spend it on books or librarians to keep the libraries open for more hours, and to help kids with their homework. Not the sort of changes that make a super-star career for someone. Just simple things that serve the people who pay taxes for the library and live in this city.
Sep 20 livebio commented on Take the Seattle Public Library Survey About Their New Logo and "Brand Statement".
Thanks for covering this. I took the survey the other day, and was appalled by the idiocy of this re-branding boondoggle.
Aug 27 livebio commented on Mayor Murray Will Temporarily Hold Off on Hookah Lounge Crackdown.
Hurrah for the ACLU. And credit to the community organizing against a very bad decision by the mayor. Violent crime is complicated and scapegoating a handful of businesses is no solution. A commitment to sophisticated policing, analysis, and investment in neglected communities would make the difference over time. Please get on that, Mayor Murray—and get the SPD on board.
Jun 24 livebio commented on An Impassioned Plea to Save a Threatened Building View.
There are alternatives, Dan. You're on a polemical spree on the subject of density on the Hill. I know it makes for copy, but it seems a little unreasonable.
1.) Some of those quaint, single-family homes could be converted to multiple-family homes with extensions, attic conversions, etc. That would preserve some views, daylight, yard space and greenery, thus preserving some of the aesthetics that are part of quality of life. Even if I don't own it, I can look at it. But there are bigger bucks to be made with complete tear-downs and new higher-rise condos with more units.
2.) Clustered density throughout the city around transit hubs is a way to get people out of their cars for the commute. I live in Beacon Hill, share a small house, and take the bus. Still saving the planet without having to live in an expensive little box. So there.
Jun 22 livebio commented on To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Townhouse.
All very interesting comments, but the lady crying in the meeting was low hanging fruit for journalists looking for an easy target for a snarky post. Time to move on to more powerful evil doers with your superpower of snark, Stranger.
Jun 18 livebio commented on Council Committee Passes Land Use Bill that Is Literally Making People Cry.
The Stranger always casts this debate as NIMBY vs. density. I don't own a home and don't see much likelihood of doing so on Capital Hill or other desirable, walkable, trendy neighborhoods.
But I don't see why the developers should have free rein to build whatever and however they want in those areas. They're not in business to service the need for reasonably priced housing, whatever bullshit they spin. They're in it to make a buck. The rest of us get stuck looking at and living next door to whatever they come up with. There are ways to increase housing stock and to carve out space for affordable rents without just handing the city to the developers on a plate.
May 3 livebio commented on Photos from Last Night's Clashes Between Anti-Capitalist Marchers and Police on Capitol Hill.
Actual journalism. A corrective to the pseudo war reporting from Fox, KIng, and Kiro.
May 3 livebio commented on New Column!.
Start with some balls if you're going to write this type of political satire. Otherwise, you're just fooling around with the keyboard and teasing the reader. Yes, many of the male members of council do dress to the left. Go ahead and pin some specifics on them and get to the point.
Mar 31 livebio commented on King County Will Reduce Number of Beds in New Juvenile Detention Center by One Fourth, Bowing to Protests.
@6 This was an impressive and thoughtful movement-building event with a day of very serious discussion about a system that has caused deep harm and trauma, much of it inflicted on black people. Several people spoke on Saturday who have been in prison. Other people who attended, like me, have witnessed the suffering of family members who were caught up in the criminal justice system as teenagers and were then shaped by their experiences of capricious sentencing, racial and geographic inequities in treatment, etc. Confronting all this damage and attempting to build the strength (and unity) to go forward is very hard work. I believe the emotional pain and damage is where the deep anger I saw at the King County Council meeting comes from. Saturday's tribunal did really admirable work toward establishing a way to move forward to campaign for very specific changes in our local criminal justice system. I'm very grateful to the organizers, who must have given a lot of time to put this together. The "dance party" was a lovely, brief respite after the hard intellectual and emotional work of the day. I look forward to working with these folks in the future.
Mar 31 livebio commented on Sherman Alexie Cancels Gigs in Indiana, Saying "Hate Laws Are Unacceptable and Immoral".
Nice interview. Sherman Alexi is great when he's funny and satirical, but it's nice to hear him just being very straightforward and serious, too. Kurt Vonnegut would have appreciated this defense of human rights.