I ride the bus.

Jul 11 livebio commented on Civilian Watchdog Investigating Complaints About Police Union's Facebook Post.
14 complaints filed! Good work.
Jul 7 livebio commented on House Dems Boo Sanders.
Boo! to you, Dan. Comparing Sanders to gun nuts is simplistic and unfair. Hillary is likely to be elected. And so we'll still have a huge heap of unsolved and unaddressed inequities on the table that Sanders wants to address. Let's not stop thinking because we're all scared to death of Trump. Plenty of us can vote for the lesser of two evils without a Sanders endorsement.
Jun 21 livebio commented on Brexit, Racism, and the Limits of Social Demoracy.
What's your point re: Socialism and The murder of Jo Cox? This article and its claims seem half-baked. Also, "Social Demoracy" in the headline? You guys have spellcheck, right?
May 3 livebio commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
Ansel, WTF. There were many brave people on that march who were publicly identifying themselves as undocumented. That is courage. How dare YOU, secure in your citizenship, denigrate their bravery? Talk about white privilege. What the hell is going on with you?
Apr 13 livebio commented on How Seattle Gave Up on Busing and Allowed Its Public Schools to Become Alarmingly Resegregated.
Thank you. And of course, we should have-- and still could-- make neighborhoods and neighborhood schools more economically and ethnically diverse by controlling rents and establishing affordable housing. It would mean standing up to some big money interests. But that would be real integration.
Apr 9 livebio commented on I Missed the Irony in Calvin Trillin's Poem in the New Yorker but, Ironically, It's Still a Bad Poem.
Really funny comments.
Is The Stranger publishing awful articles like this to goad Seattle's true satirists into providing free content?
Apr 7 livebio commented on Calvin Trillin's Nostalgia for a White Planet.
"...and it rests on Trillin's reputation, which me and many poets my age seem to be unaware of." Have you heard of the internet? It's apparently a great tool for research. It was nice of that grown-up to send you a more informed reading, but ... aren't there any editors working at The Stranger these days? Please try harder.
Mar 26 livebio commented on Happy Washington State Democratic Caucus Day!.
We've been told at our Dem caucus site that we have to stick around to have our preference vote count. Not sure yours is going to count since you left early, Dan. Can anyone clarify?
Mar 17 livebio commented on Morning News: Obama Selects a Judge to Replace Dead Scalia, and Something to Remember on Saint Patrick's Day.
Thank you for your post about Ireland, Charles. Does the average celebrant of St. Paddy's know the history of colonized Ireland and the miseries that forced Irish immigration? Or do people just think it's green beer day? Honest, not rhetorical question.