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Jul 10, 2013 eoionline commented on Survey: Seattle Employers Are Ignoring City's Paid Sick Leave Ordinance.
The researchers surveyed employers about the leave policies and practices they had in place *before Seattle’s paid sick and same time ordinance went into effect* (per City Council direction at the time they passed the ordinance). The results of the survey are clear: Absent laws requiring employers to provide sick leave, it is one of the least likely benefits to be offered in the private sector – and part-time workers are rarely covered. More highlights here: http://washingtonpolicywatch.org/2013/07…
Mar 7, 2013 eoionline commented on Scrap the Cap!.
Makes for a good music video, too: http://www.justscrapthecap.com/
Dec 28, 2012 eoionline commented on If Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Are So Important, Why Create Financial Disincentives to Pursue Their Study?.
@Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the Economic Opportunity Institute has outlined how income-based repayment could work here in Washington. Under the "Pay It plan, students pay no upfront tuition fees to attend college. Instead, they pay a small percentage of their adjusted gross income (AGI) for a number of years after college: 0.75% per year of community college, or 1% per year of university, for 25 years. Payments are placed in a trust fund that covers the cost for future students to receive the same opportunity to attend college with no tuition fees – hence, “Pay It Forward”.

This system has several advantages: First, it entirely removes up-front tuition barriers to attending college. Second, after the transition to Pay It Forward is complete, the system is not only entirely self-financing – it also supports successive net increases in college enrollment, making higher education both more affordable and accessible for succeeding generations of students. Third, by linking payments to students’ ability to pay, Pay It Forward allows graduates to chose work based on their interests and skills, rather than solely on financial conditions. And finally, students retain access to federal financial aid to cover their cost of living, books, etc.

More here, including a full report: http://washingtonpolicywatch.org/2012/10…
Jan 27, 2012 eoionline commented on Lowering the Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees: Yes or No?.
Assuming full-time work (40 hours/week), in some parts of Washington the minimum wage meets the standard of a living wage for a household of one. However, this is not the case for urban areas, and the minimum wage is far below the wage needed to reasonably support a household of two or more across in the state.

Moreover, many individuals in low-wage sectors work fewer than 40 hours per week. In retail, the average work week was 31.3 hours in 2011, providing about $14,000 in annual income for the typical minimum wage worker. In leisure and hospitality, the average work week was 25.9 hours in 2011, or about $12,000 in annual income.

More info here: http://www.eoionline.org/minimum_wage/re…
Jan 27, 2012 eoionline commented on Lowering the Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees: Yes or No?.
There is no good reason to cut the pay of tens of thousands of working people trying to make ends meet in the middle of a recession - especially when Washington state’s long experience makes it clear that a strong minimum wage law protects paychecks and boosts our local economies.

There are actually three different bills in the legislature this year aimed at undercutting Washington state’s best-in-the-nation minimum wage in some fashion:

- The first would use a more obscure measure of inflation to reduce cost-of-living adjustments. (http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.…)

- The second would penalize employees who earn tips by lowering their minimum wage; (http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.…)

- The third would outright prohibit a cost-of-living adjustment to the minimum wage when people need it most – when the economy takes a downturn. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.…

Four of the eight legislators sponsoring one or more of the three bills have close ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which has long sought to overturn state minimum wage laws, and even provides model legislation for state lawmakers to use for that end.

More: http://washingtonpolicywatch.org/2012/01…
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Nov 21, 2011 eoionline commented on What Washington State Would "Buy Back" With Gregoire's Proposed Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase.
There's easily $1 billion in tax exemptions for the few and the wealthy that legislators (with a simple majority vote) could put before voters.
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