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Oct 7, 2013 loud_voices commented on What It's Like to (Almost) Work for Google.
I seriously doubt that if a complaint was made regarding sexual harassment it would be ignored. This isnt Mad Men.

And since when would an entry level data entry gig pay what an engineer would get?

Some people use the job as a foot in the door to get to a better position. Others Are content with the probably ok wage. Others complain.
Jan 22, 2013 loud_voices commented on "Lena Dunham Is a Liar".
*an adult
Jan 22, 2013 loud_voices commented on "Lena Dunham Is a Liar".
Sorry Anonymous, you're superficial as shit. One of the few good things about being adult is that pretty much every one whose somewhat social gets laid. If you have not seen a chubby girl getting some attention you havent left your house.
May 24, 2012 loud_voices commented on NYC Man Ticketed for Not Riding in the Bike Lane.
I have figured it a coincidence for the past few months but after this video there is no denying that you guys are simply watching reddit.com for video content. Every time a video that relates to our Seattle sensibilities gets to the frontpage of reddit it shows up here within hours. Im not even mad,it's just so lame.
May 10, 2012 loud_voices commented on Warehouse Workers Rally Outside Amazon Headquarters, Demand Better Treatment.
This just in: Warehouse jobs suck, who knew?
Nov 21, 2011 loud_voices joined My Stranger Face
Nov 21, 2011 loud_voices commented on Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried (Updated).

What does your story have to do with what the article is reporting on?