Feb 25, 2013 chriss4 commented on For Free: Mercyful Fate + Mrs. Miller LPs.
do I like free stuff?
especially free vinyl?
yes I fucking do
May 8, 2012 chriss4 commented on Bumbershoot 2012 Lineup and Ticket Info Announced.
All 3 of the headliners suck so hard.
Feb 15, 2012 chriss4 commented on Black Racism and Lin.

"Yellow Mamba" is a little racist but can you really imagine anyone being offended by it? He is being compared to one of the best basketball players ever.
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Nov 23, 2011 chriss4 commented on A Kick in the Face.
My brother served in the Coast Guard where he worked briefly as an armed boarding officer, going aboard foreign vessels originating from enemy states (e.g., Syria, Pakistan, etc) or carrying potentially dangerous cargo. He carried pepper spray and a gun. During their weapons training, every armed team member had to be hit full-on in the face with the pepper spray to understand 1) exactly what they were subjecting people to; and 2) to discover how debilitated one is after being sprayed in order to gauge any possible violent response. When we were discussing this incident at UC-Davis, he said that after this training, even in situations where he had cause to use it, he never sprayed anyone.

I'm betting none of these campus officers ever had any similar training. Someone in the school's administration should lose their job for sending a crew of dumbshit security guards to control the protests. Actually, several people should lose their jobs. This sort of thing is ridiculous and happens WAY too often.