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Feb 18 tainte commented on Take Donald Trump's Not-At-All Slanted and Misleading "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey".
OH FOR FUCKS SAKE, I took the survey and gave them my actual email address. so fucking what...let them come after me. they've already sent out another email to their supporters complaining about how the democrats got ahold of this one and "skewed" the results.

fucking amateurs.
Feb 16 tainte commented on Source: Intelligence Agencies Prepared to Go "Nuclear" on Trump; Watch Him "Die in Prison".
#25, I assume this is a serious comment, so i'll what? my wife and I don't wear wedding bands either. we had better things to spend out money on at the time, like weed and booze.
Feb 10 tainte commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
'member when republicans were losing their shit about Obama "fundamentally changing America"??
Jan 30 tainte commented on Starbucks CEO Offers Jobs to Refugees, Earns Boycott Fire from Trump Supporters.
does this mean that all them country bros are gonna take the "guns and coffee" stickers off their jacked-up F-150s?
Jan 9 tainte commented on Why Are the Suburbs Becoming More Blue?.
makes sense to me. a lot of young families out here. our neighbors bought a 5 acre horse property a few years ago. they were looking in ballard but it was cheaper out here....and their commute to seattle is shorter (time wise).
Jan 9 tainte commented on Neumos Is Closed Until February 23 as It Undergoes a Remodel.
air conditioning? for fuck's sake. "neumo's is awesome, people love coming here, so we're going to change all the things that make it awesome".
Jan 3 tainte commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Marathon Man & Woman.
just shoot yer load on her stomach. the worst that can happen is a bbb (belly button baby).
Dec 29, 2016 tainte commented on White Nationalist Lands $250,000 Book Deal.
jesus christ, don't you dumbfucks ever learn? DON'T FEED THE FUCKING TROLL. let that dumb bitch keep posting dumb shit and don't respond. gah.