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Apr 14 tainte commented on An Interview with Seattle's The Head and the Heart, Who Play Coachella 2017.
These douche bags fucking SUUUUCK.
Apr 12 tainte commented on The Attorney for Ed Murray's Accuser Wants to Depose Murray On The Mayor's Birthday.
haaaaapppppy biiiiirrrtttthhhdaaayyy.....mister maaaayorrrr.

might want to have that sack looked at.
Apr 5 tainte commented on Nine Songs That Define the Majesty of Radiohead.
Cannot wait for this show. Daydreaming and the associated video are beautiful.
Mar 31 tainte commented on Person of Interest: Raven Scott.
i'm sure she's nice and all, but if I saw that coming at me i'd run.
Mar 30 tainte commented on This Is a Big Fucking Deal: Flynn Wants Immunity.
didn't you learn ANYTHING from the maddow disaster? this is probably another huge nothingburger. there are plenty of reasons for him to seek immunity beyond "OMG PEE GATE!!!"
Mar 16 tainte commented on A Grateful Nation Salutes You, Former McDonalds Social Media Manager.
dumb. this accomplished nothing and gave the right more outrage fuel. how about we try to make a meaningful statement in light of the SAD budget proposal??
Mar 15 tainte commented on Maddow Says She Has "Trump Tax Returns" (UPDATE: They're From 2005—Now Let's Watch Maddow Together!).
good god, the trump team leaked this and you all fell for it. hard. dan, for a dude over 50 you are still very immature.
Mar 7 tainte commented on This Amazing Sign Just Appeared on the Fence Surrounding the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station.
pssst....your artist friend is the one who put the sign up.