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Dec 6, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
First world problems for sure.
Dec 4, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on Jon Stewart vs Cardinal Dolan.
It's too easy to spear the RCC, even with their new "librul" PR Pope.
Nov 8, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on SL Letter of the Day: Adventure Dad!.
A lot of what you write, Dan Savage, makes me think you are an narcissistic, arrogant , elitist dick then I read something like this and realize that people are complicated and I have to stop judging them. Turns out you are also a great, loving dad that really gets the parenting thing. Nice piece, I also love the mountains and snowboarding and I get what you are saying.about the adventure doesn't stop after kids. I too started snowboarding later in life so I could do it with my son. Guess we do have things in common.
Nov 2, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on Nothing Random About the Shooting at LAX Today.
@28. I'm willing to look at other perspectives. we certainly kill a lot of people with guns in this country. there has to be a reason (or reasons) for it. I can buy into the idea that is is partly cultural / genetic. Canada has more guns per capita than we do and not nearly the same ratio of gun deaths so it can't just be because we have lots of guns.
Nov 1, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mom and Dad's Business.
@16. Nice reply, agree. Go Sox. Best series EVAH!
Sep 23, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on Just Going to Toss This One Up....
You people are weird. Who really cares? The trick is to find someone who likes the same dirty shit you do. Over thinking sex is retarded. Arguing about it on a chat board is uber retarded.
Sep 17, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on Six (Actually Eight) Reasons Why You Shouldn't Send Your Daughter to College.
Takes a man and a woman to make a baby! How about:

Message to humans, stop making babies already.
Sep 10, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on SLLOTD: Word from Midori.
@8, you got it right. I've given up on some of my kinks because my wife just isn't into it and it isn't fun if she isn't having fun. We have enough other kinks and things we both enjoy that is is all good though.
Sep 6, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on SLLOTD: Harum-Scarum.
The cum on the toothpaste letter. I remember that one, it really stuck with me. Makes me realize how long I've been reading this column. Ah, memories......
Aug 15, 2013 SoapMacTavish commented on Someone Needs to Watch Some Gay Porn.
@17. Maybe those anti-gay straight people ain't so straight?