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Aug 17, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on "Sharpie Parties".
I'm huffing whiteboard markers as i type, and it's lovely. It's the smell of autism. But oh, back to, what?, yeah, the damn banks and art and rage and breaking shit. How many times have i been written on with a sharpie? That's be a FUCKTON, bob. And I don't advise it. I also don't advise breaking other peoples shit.

Sidewalk chalk for the concrete. Spray paint, if you can draw. And yeah, sharpies for the only one who's still awake.
Aug 9, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Political Convictions?.
@22 -- I can guaranfuckingtee that you, too, are a criminal.

Have a nice day.

Aug 9, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on "It certainly feels like 1999 in San Francisco...".
See Madelbrot on Bubbles. Circa 2004. Let's just say they are more than common in markets.…
Aug 9, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Yesterday, I Went to the American Idol for Startups. It Made Me Want to Die..
Welcome to the 90's! It really sucks here. Nothing changed last decade because we had no name for it. So, here we still are, FUCKED.

Aug 6, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Protecting American Citizens from....
Man-up motherfucker. Stop fucking whining about the miracle of of the jet-age.

Aug 6, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on America's Schools Need More Socialism.
You wouldn't have stayed in school. Don't kid yourself. You wanted out.

Teachers should only teach for 20 years. 10 to get good at it, and 10 to do it. That last 10 years is pretty fucking grim for everybody. I'd like to see them in the district office for the last 10 years....

Anyway, the Teacher Incentive Funding program is all we've got right now, fingers crossed. It's a pain in the ass, and three major metro areas have already failed (returned federal dollars) due to the difficulty of 5 unions fucking each other in the eyeballs, and peoples' un-willingness to tie their paychecks to data management issues. Not pretty, but possible. In fact, the Dept of Ed is looking to Seattle to be the first major metro area success in this project. (that information would require 'reporting'.)

But, we can shut all the schools down, say, for one year, and parents can teach those little germ-spewing bastards how to plant a goddamn carrot, water and weed the motherfucking garden for a full fucking year.

Hell, maybe a neighborhood can get together to teach 'Agriculture' and 'Husbandry'. It could be done inside of all our freeway's 'cloverleafs'. Good way to learn about drainage and soil....

Aug 6, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on The Terrorist.
--19 Drones are off the shelf at about 109.99. Anybody who can do trig and order a GPS chip is in the game. Oh no, solder a solar panel to the wings! OMG too hard!!!

Fire bomb? Easy. Recon? Easier. Frag bombs? Sure! Point being, it's OFF THE SHELF. The genie is WAY out of the bottle on this one.

You too, can have an army of drones...
Aug 6, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Man Kills Six People at Sikh Temple in WI.
Fuck. Back in the good ol' days of N. California, the Sihk's ran each other over with pickup trucks, and nobody really gave a shit. But everyone sure as fuck knew they were Sihks, and not Muslims.

Fuck Wisconsin. Fuck the flyover. Fuck honkys. All us honkys got face-raped by vikings. That's the only reason we are white and predisposed to bipolar illness. Full stop. Anything else is stupid.

Again, Fuck Wisconsin. All of you.
Aug 1, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Runaway Train.
Today's coal train was nearly 100 cars and NOT moving at 30mph. (it did not smell like rotten fish, but it DOES have a smell.) It was co-incided by a long container-truck train.

The co-incidence caused gridlock. That's 2 trains, and then gridlock.

Good luck, SODO.
Aug 1, 2012 SweetDarkLord commented on Following a Year of Opposition, Neighborhood Mental Health Center Will Open This Friday.
Psychiatric Emergencies won't be going away any time soon... This is really good news.

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