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Jul 19 David in Shoreline commented on Capitol Hill, International District, and Central District Kick Out the War on Drugs.
I agree that drug users should not be arrested simply for using or possessing drugs.

However I sure as hell think people should be arrested for shoplifting. Without regard to how they use the proceeds.

Don't criminalize self medication (or self harm depending on how you view it) but we shouldn't allow criminals who harm others to have a free pass.
Jul 19 David in Shoreline commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
I'm voting Trump, simply because he has the best odds at beating Clinton. Sure I find him objectionable but as Dan alluded to, a vote for Johnson would be the same as a vote for Hillary. Of course I'd like the third parties to have legitimacy but that absolutely will not happen until said "revolution." Of course that might not be that far off with the way things are going in the world today.
Jun 20 David in Shoreline commented on Let's Talk About that Seattle Times Editorial Claiming Sound Transit Should "Slow Down" on New Light Rail.
I'm not so sure about light rail. Ten years ago yes. And if we were laying the rails down I-5.

But now we know what the future offers with fully automated self driving vehicles. I believe a very robust publicly owned transit system could be built of these fully automated self driving vehicles for less than the cost of Sound Transit and the system would offer benefits for society far greater than Sound Transit ever could.

This isn't that far fetched.
Jun 16 David in Shoreline commented on Seattle Youths Vote to Spend Nearly $300,000 of City Budget on Homelessness.
The kids hearts and minds are in the right place. Unfortunately the $300,000 will be wasted on a few hotel vouchers and the salaries of non-profiteers.
Jun 7 David in Shoreline commented on I, Anonymous.
Driving home in a semi-rage after a long day at work, I got to the intersection at Jackson Park golf course on 15th NE. The lights were green but all traffic was stopped. I immediately started getting pissy. What are these fucking morons waiting for?

Then I saw a Mommy Duck and her Ducklings crossing the road - a scene right out of a children's book. Of course there was a moment where I reflected upon what a piece of shit I was for being so angry at these other drivers. My mood for the rest of the drive home was so much better though.

I'm sorry to hear about the ducks in Anonymous' post.
Jun 7 David in Shoreline commented on City Council Approves Rent Limits for Substandard Buildings, Promises More Renter Protections.
Every single one of these policies will lead to even higher rent increases on the tenants who can afford it least. It's laughable to think that landlords will be hurt in any way as they will simply pass on a larger rent increase in order to cover the cost of any required repairs.

In a growing (or even stable) housing market, it will always be the tenant who pays for maintenance expenses, repairs and property tax increases.
Jun 7 David in Shoreline commented on That Text to Sally Bagshaw Wasn't the First Time the Mayor Threatened to Stop All Encampment Sweeps.
The advocates and social service agencies are not experts. It is under their watch that the homeless problem has gotten tremendously worse over the years.
Jun 6 David in Shoreline commented on Let's Watch Hillary Clinton's Speech On National Security, AKA Her Speech Ripping Donald Trump Several Dozen New Assholes.
Blah blah blah. HRC can't even secure her own email - I sure as hell don't value her opinion on national security.
Jun 6 David in Shoreline commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
I'm pretty sure it was pre-ordained in some back room that HRC would get the nomination. I'm sure she'll be nominated even if she's indicted. Whatever - it's no surprise she is corrupt, she's a politician.

At least Trump has a chance to beat Hillary. A chance is good enough to me.
Jun 3 David in Shoreline commented on The Washington State Republican Party's 2016 Platform Has Drifted Farther Right (And Says Light Rail Is a Bad Idea).
@20 - the PODS will be public transportation. Why would I want to own my own POD when I can get a ride on demand in 5 minutes? Cost per trip will be lower than light rail - without subsidy.