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Apr 14 David in Shoreline commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Is Political.
Assume for the sake of argument that the accuser is telling the truth. Under this assumption, the citizens have been deeply wronged – and that matters to me.
Apr 3 David in Shoreline commented on Central District Activist Tells Jewish Uncle Ike's Owner to "Go Back to Germany" So Nazis Can "Get" Him Again.
I was going to say this incident is a hit to BLM's credibility. But then I realized they never had credibility.
Mar 1 David in Shoreline commented on A Review of Trump’s First Address to Congress: A Fruit Loop Necklace of Nonsensical Words.
It was a wonderful speech. I kept saying "This is why I voted for the guy!"

If we can have more of President Trump and less of Twitter Trump things are looking up for the US.
Mar 1 David in Shoreline commented on Are Those New Surcharges on Your Receipts Politically Motivated?.
@3 - I read the article very carefully, and re-read the paragraph in question several more times before commenting.

1. The article says bumping up wages by $1 would be an increase of $2,000 per employee per year. That implies the workers are working full time as there are 2000 - 2080 work hours per year (depending on if you take a couple weeks vacation.)

2. Therefore, if Capitol Cider has 47 employees working full time, the annual increase in payroll would be $94,000 for a $1 increase in the minimum wage.

3. Therefore, a $5 increase in the minimum wage (as the article states) would be equivalent to 5 x $94,000 or $470,000.

4. If the author meant to say that payroll would increase by $94,000 per year for the next five years, she should have said that. She did not.

5. I'm quite confident the business owner can calculate their payroll costs accurately, and equally confident that the author of the article made a mistake in the way in which she phrased that sentence.
Feb 28 David in Shoreline commented on The New Living-Wage Fee: Politically Motivated or Just Another Expense?.
I think you need to revisit your math or otherwise correct the article. If Capitol Cider increases each employee's wage by $5 annually, and each of those employees is working full time, the annual payroll increase would be $470,000 (plus payroll taxes) not $94,000.
Feb 22 David in Shoreline commented on Trump Time.
@33 - I'm a sometimes Republican who voted for Obama twice. I did vote with enthusiasm for Trump. My primary news source is Google (no cable TV.) And I much prefer Ben Shapiro to Rush Limbaugh. Thanks for asking!
Feb 22 David in Shoreline commented on Guest Editorial: It Is Dangerous and Irresponsible Not to Fight Trump’s Xenophobic and Islamophobic Agenda.
Wow, I made it to the 1% by supporting Trump. Where are my billions? I'd gladly donate at least half to help deport those here illegally.

Now to be serious, Obama had a vast majority in the House and a decent majority in the Senate (with the ability to use the nuclear option) and he failed to enact "comprehensive immigration reform." And on top of that he deported well over 2 million illegal aliens. (He did something right!) Could it be that our elected leadership understand that amnesty is political suicide? Anyway, hard to bitch about enforcing the existing laws when you did nothing to change them.
Feb 22 David in Shoreline commented on North Dakota Law Enforcement Are About to Evict Everyone Left at the Main Standing Rock Camp.
Get on out. The adults need to clean up all the trash the "environmentalists" left behind before it gets washed into the river.. Water protectors my ass.
Feb 22 David in Shoreline commented on Trump Time.
It will be alright Dan. We'll build a nice wall. We'll restore the rule of law. We'll take care of American citizens. Mexico and Guatemala and Honduras and Ecuador and even Austria will take care of their citizens. It will be alright.
Feb 18 David in Shoreline commented on Mayor Calls Kshama Sawant's Suggestion that Seattle Police Block ICE "Irresponsible and Dangerous".
Irresponsible and dangerous are exactly what I expect from Sawant.