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Sep 30 David in Shoreline commented on Trump's Worst Week Ever.
Lol. Every time people say Trump has a bad week his poll numbers head higher. Every time a newspaper or establishment politician endorses Clinton, Trump gains massive new support. We aren't stupid. We know the media is terrified of a Trump victory and will do everything in their power to prevent it. Unfortunately for them they just keep driving more people to Trump.

The debate commission now confirms Trump's microphone was screwy.

Miss Universe Machado had a contractual obligation to maintain her weight during her employment. And of course she has plenty of other skeletons in her closet.

Bill Clinton was known to smoke Cuban cigars despite the trade embargo.

So keep throwing out your spin and keep bringing voters into the Trump camp! Thank you!
Sep 21 David in Shoreline commented on Well, Here's an Image of Donald Trump That's Enough to Make Your Heart Stop.
@16 - I'm sure it will be difficult for you to Google "Clinton Foundation hands out watered down AIDS drugs" but you really should try. In this day and age everybody needs to know how to use a search engine.

Sep 21 David in Shoreline commented on View-Obsessed West Seattle Homeowners Who Illegally Cut Trees Sued for $1.6M.
I'd say throw them in jail but the judge who did the same damn thing didn't get jailed. In light of that, jailing these folks seems like an injustice.

But the financial costs for these parasitic homeowners should be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.

And of course they must be prevented in some way from enjoying their new view.

Sep 21 David in Shoreline commented on Well, Here's an Image of Donald Trump That's Enough to Make Your Heart Stop.
I thought the picture of Trump in the Oval Office was inspirational. Thank you.

As for the AIDS drugs that the Clinton foundation distributes....would those be the watered down AIDS drugs? The same drugs that the US just won a $500 million judgement from their manufacturer? The AIDS drugs that were most likely ineffective and hastened the death of thousands of Africans? Yeah, that's something to be proud of. (How long until we learn that the Clinton Health Initiative knew all along that they were buying no-quality drugs.)

Oh, and was Paul Combetta working on his own when he sought assistance to strip Hillary Clinton's email address from thousands of archived emails before they were to be turned over to Congress? Or did Clinton order this? I don't know... who makes the decisions in the Secretary of State's office? Oh Crooked Hillary.
Sep 20 David in Shoreline commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
Does it really only cost $400 to send a homeless bum packing?

For that price I can afford to be part of the solution!
Sep 20 David in Shoreline commented on Inside Job: Asian Plaza Plans Upend Gentrification Narrative.
Out with the old,
In with the new.
If you didn't purchase property,
That doesn't include you.
Sep 16 David in Shoreline commented on Fuck CNN For Giving Donald Trump Hours of Airtime For His Birther Statement.
Trump is no more hateful than the author of this article.

-and -

Clinton COLLAPSED and had to be carried into her vehicle by 3 people. That is a health crisis worthy of news coverage.

- and -

I love golden retrievers! So does just about every other American. They have been one of the most popular breeds for years.
Sep 14 David in Shoreline commented on Keith Olbermann On Donald Trump: A Demonic Messiah in Oompa Loompa's Clothing..
Well, I'm not sure about Olbermann, but at least half the voting public does not think Trump is a demonic. That half truly believes that Trump will be our next President. I'm proud to be in that half.
Sep 7 David in Shoreline commented on Two Artists Are Giving Out “Gentrification Citations” To Local Businesses, Including Uncle Ike's.
I do not consider the development in the Central District to be gentrification in the classic sense of the word. There has been no organized "urban renewal" project for the Central District that I am aware of. No property taken by means of eminent domain. The new development is simply to increase density which is required in any city with a growing population. It's the same reason the Scandinavians have been pushed out of Ballard. But Olga and Sven (being white Europeans) don't rate any consideration.