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  • Dan Savage started the Iraq war. Why?: Comedy

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Jul 7 GhostDog commented on A Bunch of Burning Questions about Legal Pot Answered.
Untested, huh? *stares at Colorado*. Yep. Nothing like it at all. Not one thing anywhere in the world. Right.
Jul 3 GhostDog commented on I Wish Every Voter in America Would Read This One Paragraph Before the Midterm Elections.
The part that makes this almost funny to me is that a party that has been traditionally associated with extreme authoritarianism is being held hostage by a bunch of glorified anarcho-capitalists!
May 30 GhostDog commented on I, Anonymous.
See, when I hear about a wedding that I'm not invited to I dance with joy. Expensive, vile affairs.
Apr 30 GhostDog commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Erotic Power of a Troublesome Word.
@19. Yeah. I know for me it would be a straight no as the only role play roles I can think of are things, as someone who was actively anti racist in the deep south when neonazis and klansmen were really active, would never ever do.
Apr 14 GhostDog commented on SL Letter of the Day: Open Up.
Yeah, Dan seems to take as much vacation as Jon Stewart.
Apr 13 GhostDog commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@7. Thank you. I really do wish that things had been reversed and it took Colorado forever to get their shops up and running so I could be gearing up for a Seattle visit. Oh well, they will be open soon enough and when Oregon goes online in a few years there will be more than enough variety to go around.
Apr 13 GhostDog commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Sooo...update on Washington's implementation of pot shops? Maybe? Possibly? Perhaps you will have only 673 posts on the minimum wage increase implementation?
Apr 8 GhostDog commented on The Morning News: Russian Warnings, Marijuana Progress, and Dumb Tricks with Smart Cars. is the progress going for opening pot shops in Seattle? Maybe they will be open before 2015? The Stranger has been real quiet about it.
Apr 2 GhostDog commented on Savage Love.
@50. Does Marcus have the right to wait as long as he likes to disclose? Yes. Does NCA have the right to know if she is about to embark on an existential sexual crisis? Yes.

Long story short, Marcus should have done nothing beyond kissing until he was ready to disclose that he is a transman.

I know to most people here the idea that people define their sexuality by the genitals they prefer is philistine in the extreme but it does happen and can be an extreme source of trauma when that is questioned.

Also, would you like someone to ask you if you have a penis if you present as a woman? I know if a woman asked me if I had a vagina before I went down on her I would be super offended and end things right then and there and would expect any woman to feel the same way.

Apr 1 GhostDog commented on The Silent-Reading Party Is Tomorrow Night!!.
Still don't get it. Still OK with people being happy doing things I don't get.

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