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Nov 15 TheBadSeed131313 commented on Listeners React to the Sale of KPLU.
"If KPLU goes to all jazz, which there are some great shows, I hope they keep The Art Of Jazz with Ken Wiley- that guy is a motherfuckin TREASURE."

They won't. The entire staff is being sacked because KUOW employees are state employees and must be hired through a public listing in accordance with state law. Legally they can't retain any of them, or so they claim.

Or maybe they won't hire anyone. Maybe they'll source canned programming from somewhere. Maybe they'll put Kenny G on an endless loop (KPLU doesn't play that smooth jazz crap), or just turn it into a repeater station for KUOW. Who knows? I'll miss Ken Wiley and John Kessler's All Blues on Saturday and Sunday nights.

I really wonder who will keep the money from KPLU's very successful fund raising drive.

Nov 5 TheBadSeed131313 commented on In Food News: Bar Melusine, Bateau, and Mollusk Are Open, Big Mario's Set to Debut on Queen Anne.
"Melusine" is the name of the split tail mermaid on the Starbucks logo.
Oct 21 TheBadSeed131313 commented on In Food News: Seven Beef Is Open, Pike Brewing to Expand, Mamnoon's Jason Stratton on Top Chef, and More.
Great. Another trendy restaurant that I can't afford to eat in.
Oct 9 TheBadSeed131313 commented on SHOCKER: The Northern Arizona University Shooter Is a Patriot and a Gun Nut.

"Patriot" in that he loves his country but hates most of the people who live in it.
Oct 8 TheBadSeed131313 commented on The Morning News: Bruce Harrell's Endorsement Drama and Seattle's Endangered Soul.

I'm not an engineer, but earthquake insurance usually costs less for wood-frame buildings than for brick or masonry structures. They tend to flex and sway while brick buildings crumble and fall.
Sep 28 TheBadSeed131313 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Well-Adjusted People Problems.
Nothing naughtier than a Cleveland Steamer.
Aug 22 TheBadSeed131313 commented on Seattle to Get Seven New "Hyperlocal" Low-Power Radio Stations.
@1, You can't even get KEXP any farther south than the north end of Boeing Field, which is why I never listen to them or donate money to them.
Aug 17 TheBadSeed131313 commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
"So instead of a bunch of motorists being crushed to death in the next earthquake, we can lose a bunch of pedestrians and cyclists?"

Ok, so there's an upside.