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Feb 18, 2013 Bond Quartermaster commented on SL Letter of the Day: My Bi Guy.
@4 suggested therapy for the husband, and I was thinking the same thing might be helpful but perhaps I am coming from a different direction.

I hope it isn't an etiquette breach, but I wonder about the circumstances under which the husband lost his virginity at age 13. That was his only experience with a man, and this seems bound up in his shame and self-loathing issues.

Perhaps there is some trauma there that might need to be resolved en route to a more healthy outlook and sexuality?
Nov 23, 2012 Bond Quartermaster commented on What the Fuck, James Bond?.
I am not a huge Bond fan and am most familiar with Connery and Moore in the role, but I have to say that in both of their portrayals Bond was a 'man who loved women'. Consequently, I have to think that neither would have dismissed a paramour as someone worth less than a shot of liquor.

Such a low opinion of those characters makes me suspicious of your analysis of the scene. I haven't seen this latest bond flick, but think that the scene must have had a subtext other than what you have described.
Dec 13, 2011 Bond Quartermaster joined My Stranger Face
Dec 13, 2011 Bond Quartermaster commented on Slog Bible Study: Exodus 21:7.
"How much for the little girl? The women. How much for the women?"


"Your women. I-I want to buy your women. The little girl. Your daughters. Sell them to me. Sell me your children!"