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Nov 25, 2016 superhyrulean commented on Live Updates from #BlackLivesMatter Protest in Downtown Seattle.
I took the tunnels on the LINK and didn't see them at the tukwilla Westfield Southcenter mall...had a fun time shopping and no problems!
Oct 30, 2015 superhyrulean commented on Seattle Is One of the Most Dangerous Places in the World.
What I am most worried about is a tsunami AFTER a 10.0+ quake... Basically, scientists did some research and found that anything downtown before I-5 is FUCKED...A 10.0+ earthquake would cause a fucking 500+ foot tsunami (picture 1β…“ of the space needle, stacked up on top of itself...basically,a big giant ass wall of water and shit heading towards you) to empty the waterfront area and slam the fucking downtown area and Capitol hill,dumping all that shit into Lake Washington...that is,if the aftershocks don't fuck shit up even can hit anytime, day or night and we are well overdue for it...
Oct 17, 2015 superhyrulean commented on The Birth of the Weed Sommelier.
I see what you mean,The Stranger...I actually have been doing some side research on this in fact...Weed has a plant substance similar to hops that is found in beer and just like alcohol,it is all about the taste and can be used in other consumption products like candy bars or cookies and other edibles...if they can make a wine that is made from Weed instead of hops,it will send the Feds into a argument over liquor or weed...and futhermore and similarly, it is like how they make moonshine with rotten fruits and vegetables for the alcohol content...remember,weed is a plant and it could be used in that manner similar to any other product you use...I highly doubt the FDA would approve of it though...
Oct 10, 2015 superhyrulean commented on Being a Furry Can Change Your Life.
Nice! I love this article! Thank you guys so much for writing it and understanding and respecting the fandom! I actually am a secret longtime furry myself and love the fandom! I cosplay as a bunny too! I hope you enjoyed Rainfurrest and hope to see you next year there! πŸ‡πŸ°πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ
Sep 30, 2015 superhyrulean commented on What Are the Porn Consumers of All Nations Looking For?.
Well,I personally search for hentai! It is anime porno...if you want a list of sites that have it,I would be happy to show you! Pornhub is good,but XXNX is not bad either...
Sep 9, 2015 superhyrulean commented on We See Death When We See Crows.
Born:out of a stack of coupon books
Died:talking about crows in a graveyard


ROTFLMAO! SERIOUSLY? how pathetic is this article? I'm "dying" laughing at this! I'm not laughing at death,but you idiots who write this crap like this on the other hand...
Sep 9, 2015 superhyrulean commented on We See Death When We See Crows.
By the way,is the paper more dead than the people in the cemetery if all they got to talk about is a bunch of crows in a graveyard? Seriously, you REALLY THAT DESPERATE for a story?
Sep 9, 2015 superhyrulean commented on We See Death When We See Crows.
Relax,I have a very simple explanation for all the crows in the graveyard and in the has to do with more of a living man then a dead one,or should I say a natural disaster caused by a living man...if you walk just outside the cemetery gates and go across the street and look out from the park,you can see I-90 and Lake Washington...these are crows that were burned out of their home in the forest due to the wildfires that burned up where they lived,so most of them fly in across lake Washington and land there in lake view cemetery to rest and relax in a quiet people free spot after a long flight...they are forced into the city because of this natural disaster forcing them out of the forest...I kinda feel bad for them,in a way...
Aug 7, 2015 superhyrulean commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Tosser in the Produce Section.
"ORANGE you glad he didn't say "banana"? LOL! seriously,though...that was really childish...
Jul 6, 2015 superhyrulean commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Knife.
Janken? Sounds fun...