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  • God is: a way for shitty people to act superior to people who enjoy life
Jun 30 commented on What is the Soundtrack of the #normcore?!.
Dishwalla is to normcore as Judas Priest is to Metal.
Jun 10 commented on After Predicting a Civil War That Will Kill 300,000 Police Officers, Alex Jones Urges Followers to Not Kill Cops.
Alex Jones is great at spreading fear. I have a (former) close friend who I considered intelligent until about 4 years ago when he became an Alex Jones disciple. We can't even have a conversation without him bringing up some crazy conspiracy about Haitian born Obama planning on taking our guns. Jones has a lot of power over his followers. And there's a lot of them.
Mar 13 commented on "What If We Had a Literary Arts Center?".
Listening to Tree speak last night I immediately thought of the Walden 3. I'm not sure where they are on making that happen, but maybe there's an opportunity for some collaboration.
Jan 31 commented on Drunk of the Week.
Rose are red
Pabst cans are blue
Nikki has an STD
and now you do too
Jan 2 commented on Shia LaBeouf Is an Insufferable Prick.
"Should God sue me if I paint a river?" No, but someone should smack you in the mouth for being a bozo.
Jul 31, 2013 commented on "I Know I Should Boycott Russian Vodka, But What About Russian Dressing?".
Can I still listen to my Yakov Smirnoff tapes?
Jul 24, 2013 commented on I, Anonymous.
In the bus drivers defense. I'm not really sure what he could have done.
Jul 24, 2013 commented on I, Anonymous.
I assumed the penalty was the same for smoking a joint or a cigarette on the bus. If not that's stupid. I've never seen anyone smoke weed on the bus, but I did see a homeless guy fire up a cigarette once and the bus driver did nothing.
Jul 22, 2013 commented on Chuck Palahniuk Forgets About the Second Rule of Fight Club.
I think Palahniuk is eating just fine. This is like when Tag-Team did a remix of "Whoop There It Is" ten years after the fact.
Jun 8, 2013 commented on I, Anonymous.
@23 I think I would laugh as well if it was scrawled on something that deserved a revolting slogan, but when it's on a bus stop bench it just seems inappropriate.

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