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Apr 12, 2014 pinbalwyz commented on Convicted Sex Offender and Police Informant Attempts to Infiltrate Seattle's Activist Community.
The Green Party represents a legitimate alternative. Yet, few people are helping it organize. We need Green Party candidates, seriously. When it comes to the heavy lifting, where are the activists?
Feb 17, 2014 pinbalwyz commented on Looking for "Intel" On Occupy Protesters? Bank of America Boasts To the Washington State Patrol It Will Find It First.
How is this news or a problem that a corporation is watching those watching it? It would be poor management who ignored its persecutors. It's not that I like BofA--hate it, actually--but, I recognize its natural incentives to self preservation. That's hardly a surprise. That it need not share its intelligence with a 'snitch hunter' such as Andrew Hendricks is hardly disturbing. Drew is a self described (A)narchists. Does he have a BofA account? Now THAT is the real story in all this.
Feb 17, 2014 pinbalwyz commented on Looking for "Intel" On Occupy Protesters? Bank of America Boasts To the Washington State Patrol It Will Find It First.
I don't get it. So what?? What's sauce for the goose is good for the gander. (A)ctivists plan & plot on how to bring down businesses/corporations. Why shouldn't these targets resort to fact gathering, which is perfectly legal, to defend themselves or preempt nefarious intentions? It's not like Olympia businesses haven't been vandalized for failing to fall in line with the @genda Olympia's @ctivists are promoting.
Sep 14, 2013 pinbalwyz commented on Convicted Sex Offender and Police Informant Attempts to Infiltrate Seattle's Activist Community.
The comment about the FBI's interrogation technique and the 'official record' is well taken. LEO's routinely commit perjury to 'get the bad guy' (in their mind).

A lawyer and a tape recorder is moot as any decent attorney will advise you to say nothing--it's not like they're trying to help you or are going to give you a break. But, just so you, et ux, know, EVERY phone call to the federal building, especially the FBI in Seattle is recorded, even though no message announces this. One good reason (legally) is the feds only require single party consent to recording a conversation (phone) while Washington law generally requires two/all. The federal building is governed by exclusive federal jurisdiction (different rules), even though (technically) a legal analysis indicates the laws on BOTH ends of the call must be honored. But the State of Washington isn't going to go after the FBI (it wouldn't do any good) on this one.

What's important for everyone to know is, if a party (such as the FBI) *KNOWS* the call is being recorded/monitored (as they do for calls to that office), there is NO expectation of privacy. Thus, you are not breaking Washington's Privacy Act law if *you* record the call (even without telling them). Still, it's almost always a bad idea to speak with them in the first place. Just hang up if they call, or refuse to talk if they contact you personally.

As to the 'informant', that's a mixed two scorpions in a bottle: the hate group (@narchists) and the informant for a state sponsored terrorist organization (the FBI). Given the choice (if it is a choice) between a hate group and state sponsored terrorist organizations, we're probably better off (if you can call it that) with the latter. Because of the violence, assaults, thefts, vandalism, and myriad other crimes promoted by black bloc co-conspirators, their anonymity needs to be stripped from them at every opportunity. Anonymity has a long tradition as a shield for pure speech--it inappropriate for it to be used as a cloak for criminal conduct. (A)narchists are terrified (even as they, themselves, attempt to inspire terror in the public/officials) of having that anonymity stripped because it will force them to be responsible and be held accountable for their ACTS. Thus, anyone/everyone who would strip them of that anonymity which they choose to use as a weapon, is labeled a 'snitch'. They often assault and/or label photojournalists (if they don't allow the violent street radicals to have editorial control of the reporting) as 'snitches'. But today, WE are the media.

So, take your pick: Rubbing shoulders with a pervert in the service of a state sponsored terrorist organization (FBI), or characters indistinguishable from those in Lord Of The Flies (@narchists). Is this a great country, or what?!
Jun 13, 2013 pinbalwyz commented on Save Capitol Hill: Don't Kill Anyone.
Take back the streets and public spaces. Photograph/video record these miscreants at EVERY 0pportunity, not simply while in the act. They use the shield of anonymity as sword, are the enemies of the people and what civil liberties are left, they're petty traitors who have openly declared war on the state, society, even civilization. They hold they shall respect no laws and challenge the notion of individual 'rights'. Name them. Reveal their haunts/location. Only citizens can preserve freedom and reclaim our public venues. Out them! Force them to endure the same standards they force on others--they favor mob violence.
Feb 19, 2013 pinbalwyz commented on Grand Jury Refusers: Five Months and Counting, Plus Solitary Since December.
The parallels are unmistakable. [sic]
Feb 19, 2013 pinbalwyz commented on Grand Jury Refusers: Five Months and Counting, Plus Solitary Since December.
None of the Grand Jury Resisters are charged with a crime, therefore calling them 'criminals' is a form of dissembling. While a litigant has a right (even the state) in law to every man's evidence, here there is NO 'litigation', no indictment. It's a fishing expedition. And while we have a moral duty to obey just laws (even those we dislike), we have an equal moral imperative to disobey unjust laws, especially intrinsically unjust laws. e.g. Telling a Nazi which of your friends is Jewish.

The parallels between the current abuse of the federal Grand Jury system and the 1950's abuse of Congressional Hearings (The McCarthy Hearings before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities: "Are you now or have you ever been a Communist? Do you know any Communists? What are their names?") It's not hyperbole to characterize Durkan's gambit as a witch hunt. IMO, the placement of the Grand Jury Resisters in solitary for such an extended period for little/NOTHING amounts to a violation of the 8th Amendment--cruel and unusual punishment. Rest assured, if any of the Grand Jury Resisters had done something improper or violated one of the rules, the feds would be only too eager to disclose it to the press in an effort to discredit the prisoners. If the prisoners were at risk of imminent harm in the general population, the feds would be quick to use the fact to excuse their actions. Their silence (even to the attorneys seeking the reason for solitary) speaks volumes. They're tightening the screws in an effort to torture the Resisters until they break. It's also possible the Resisters were raising the consciousness of their fellow prisoners to the point the feds couldn't stomach it. Finally, it's possible to find out a great deal of information from other prisoners while in custody. The Grand Jury Resisters may have been learning too much from other inmates about mutual acquaintances and what was going down behind the scenes. In any event, these prisons and solitary torture chambers are barbaric, cause irreversible physical and mental injury; they are despicable examples of how a supposedly civilized 'democracy' treats its own: Terror, unquestioned obedience and more--the insistence that obeying Big Brother isn't enough, that one must 'LOVE' Big Brother.
Jan 20, 2013 pinbalwyz commented on Christmas in Prison.
I'm surprised an ad hominem troll gets so much action. Why not stick to the issue at hand and ignore the rest?
Dec 28, 2012 pinbalwyz commented on Christmas in Prison.
Alaskan, (#91)

Like Mr. G, I've been reviled by (A)narchists as a 'neo-nazi' by no less than Leah Plante (the now 'suspect' one-time poster-girl for their cause) for attempting to report, in my capacity as a photojournalist, on public events involving these violently radical street elements.

The facts belie your assertion the perpetrators of Seattle's May Day street violence are being pursued for trivial acts. I do, however, agree May Day is a pretext for a much larger government hidden agenda. I'm not certain even the federal prosecutor grasps this when obeying her/his marching orders from on high.

The May Day property damage was not insubstantial. People (photojournalists) were assaulted and injured, requiring medical attention. Area (A)narchist websites have repeatedly posted 'fatwas' urging the assault, injury, stalking and harassment of photojournalists such as the Daily Olympian's Tony Overman. Citizens were victimized for nothing more than parking their vehicles on the streets, finding them smashed/destroyed upon their return.

Private property rights [f(*)ck your stuff!] are contemptuously dismissed by this crowd and they urge theft/vandalism of the property of those casually seen as being more privileged than themselves. All in all, looking for the sunshine in this group is like looking for the orange dropped in the urinal. Taken to the logical limit of their own ideology, if they had/acquired any REAL power, we'd have to kill them!
Dec 28, 2012 pinbalwyz commented on Christmas in Prison.
Mr. G, (re: #90)
You can read a more in depth and (hopefully) balanced investigation of 'their' core beliefs at

I've taken the time to seek what (A)narchists believe in and found the term to be so broad (and shallow) as to defy meaningful descriptions other than they're unhappy with hierarchy, state, and authority. Most (not all) are unhappy with capitalism, corporations, private property, and even the notion of individual rights. The screeds posted on various Puget Sound (A)narchist web sites are so contradictory or vacuuous and often turgid as to shed little light on your question.

One thing, however, stands out: The Grand Jury Resisters, whether they realize it or not, have stood up for a worthy principle--not acting as a conduit for government invasion into our personal lives interfering, as it does, with out inalienable right to belief, association, peaceful assembly, and bringing just grievances to our overseers.