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Dec 22, 2011 ReikiDiva joined My Stranger Face
Dec 22, 2011 ReikiDiva joined My Stranger Face
Dec 22, 2011 ReikiDiva commented on Don't Donate to the Salvation Army.
My mom worked for the Salvation Army for over 12 years, so I'm well acquainted with the organization. Anti gay? Yup. Corrupt? Yep. Thievees? Yep. I wouldn't give ANYTHING to them - not money, not used clothes, not anything. Where I live, you now have to bring in a pay stub to "prove" you really need help, they will NOT deal with homeless people unless those people show up during business hours with all the appropriate paperwork, and they've done away with EVERY program they had. Now, it's food box or nothing. No rehab. No bus tickets. No food. Nada. Even though almost all the grocery stores in town still donate to them exclusively. Wonder where all that stuff goes?? And, to put the cherry on the sick sundae, when my mom (and I) worked there during the holidays, the officers routinely STOLE donated toys and other items that they or their children wanted. Truly, I want NOTHING to do with this organization. I give my money to the local animal shelter and competing food bank (which the TSA has repeatedly tried to shut down to get rid of the competition).

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