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Jun 15 ChefJoe commented on A Queer Person Told Tukwila Businesses to Lower Their Flags for Orlando Shooting Victims.
@29, and when the election process gives you George W Bush, involvement in wars in the middle east, and its courts give you Citizens United and corporate personhood speech rights, you just roll over and lap that up as the way it is.

Our founding fathers set up the system to protect the minority opinions because it's not really the majority opinions that need protection... that's just mob rule.
May 2 ChefJoe commented on In 5-4 Vote, City Council Kills Street Vacation for New Sodo Arena.
@10, If you listened to the council hearing you'd have been treated to some of the councilwomen's groans at the men (particularly Harrell) throwing around sports metaphors and phrases. It's one of those things we do without even thinking that'll probably be classified as a "microagression" in a few years.
Apr 27 ChefJoe commented on Why Did the City Kill Its Own Plan to Build Life-Saving Bike Lanes in Downtown and South Seattle?.
I'm betting that the improvements they're tackling are starting to get a lot more expensive than originally budgeted because they're not paint stripes and plastic post separation but planters with growing stuff requiring water/upkeep, bike traffic control lights, and real engineering work. Cyclists have long expressed disappointment at the cheap solutions and this is the result.
Apr 1 ChefJoe commented on On TV Tonight: Buffy Meets Justified in Wynonna Earp.
"Western fans who also love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (can someone make a Venn diagram for that?)"

I think that's probably the bulk of Firefly Season 2's lost scripts, as River discovers her hidden talents (much as Buffy S1 and even 2 was).
Mar 25 ChefJoe commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man in a Northgate Safeway Gets Into Altercation Over Presidential Politics.
Don't you know that hate crimes can't be committed against white people ? No business card for you.
Mar 23 ChefJoe commented on City Council May Have Been Misled by Stats About Bike Share Membership Before Pronto Vote.
Ansel, you may like to eat the bullshit that Pronto offers up, but that doesn't mean the rest of us are so willingly deceived.

If 3,000 is counting 2015 annual memberships for a service that launched in October 2014, it probably means they had a peak of 3,000 during some point of 2015 and they've had enough non-renews to have lost 35% or so from that peak.

Maybe you can rationalize it as people delaying their renewal until after fall/winter passes, but it's equally as likely that a lot of people found the hassle of the 30-min system, hefty bikes, and the tally of how many times they've actually used it unappealing to the point of not being worth an $85 annual membership. In the data challenge, they kept the data at a "trip" level and didn't take it down to the "per user" level where one might observe something like "over half the annual members used Pronto less than a half dozen times". A competent city council would have had their financial guys explore usage, particularly when being fed suggestions in the presentation that expansion to double the bikes was going to go with having 10,000 annual members.
Mar 21 ChefJoe commented on The Seattle Times Editorial Board Wants More Parking Around Light Rail Stations.
@17, here's an 11 year old's school report about SafeCo and he explains that the 2,000 parking spot garage off occidental cost $33.5 million. Seems like $60 mil for 1,000 spaces might be a little off.…
"For the 2,000 parking spaces in the parking garage the cost was $33.5 million."
Mar 21 ChefJoe commented on The Seattle Times Editorial Board Wants More Parking Around Light Rail Stations.
Can someone contrast the request for parking serving those who should come to use light rail to the request for seats to be removed from these trains to have more cargo bike storage space ? Why should we remove butt capacity for cargo bikes but not provide parking ?
Mar 21 ChefJoe commented on The Seattle Times Editorial Board Wants More Parking Around Light Rail Stations.
Or, you can live within 4 blocks of something like a rapid ride stop and observe all the cars people drive into the neighborhood to stash on the streets and ride mass transit into the city, transforming an area where big new buildings are "no parking needed due to transit frequency" into one where parking is even more scarce.

The qualifications for RPZs seem to be increasingly strict. Maybe proximity to these stations should make RPZs easier to obtain.
Mar 21 ChefJoe commented on 12 Photos from the Bernie Sanders Rally at Key Arena.
Happily submitted my affidavit for Bernie, but sure don't like how the superdelegate count is adding up.