Nov 13, 2015 McJulie commented on Attention, Capitol Hill Property Manager: It Took 45 Minutes to Get from Shoreline to Downtown on the Bus This Morning.
"And she is correct that nobody is entitled to live in Seattle."

Is anybody "entitled" to live anywhere, though? Is the landlord really entitled to unrestrained rent-seeking? Why is one entitlement considered sacred and the other merits a big shrug?
Nov 13, 2015 McJulie commented on Attention, Capitol Hill Property Manager: It Took 45 Minutes to Get from Shoreline to Downtown on the Bus This Morning.
"But I guarandamtee you that if the unit sits vacant for long, the landlord will start lowering rent"

Not necessarily.…
Oct 14, 2015 McJulie commented on Protesting Planned Parenthood: Reading the Signs.
Has anybody ever held a gun to an anti-choicer's head and given them the option: "Okay, I won't have an abortion as long as you allow me to put a bullet through your brain?"

Probably not.
Oct 10, 2015 McJulie commented on I, Anonymous.
All you harassment enablers are really missing the point. I mean, did any of you GO to junior high school? You know what's going on here. It's bullying.

He said it in order to creep her out. He said it in order to ruin her day. His purpose was to express social dominance, to make her feel small, insecure, self-conscious. I mean, back in junior high, your mom probably told you to just ignore the mean kids, that it was your choice to let them make you feel bad, but did it work? Of course not.

Is getting bullied physically WORSE than getting bullied verbally? Sure. But it's still bullying. It doesn't make verbal taunts okay just because they didn't shove you in a locker.
Sep 3, 2015 McJulie commented on Another One Bites the Dust: RIP Shorty's Pinball.
Development at Northgate is about increasing density. (Build whatever you want here! You can't possibly ruin Seattle's most boring neighborhood!) Development in Belltown is about cashing in on a neighborhood's "hip" reputation while simultaneously ruining its hipness, ala Capitol Hill, or cashing in on water views, or both.

And to all of you "so long Seattle!" folks -- I'm dying to know where you're moving that's so much better.

There used to be one guy here -- I don't remember his name -- who was always rhapsodizing about how great Kent and the suburbs in general were, how much better than Seattle, and it was kind of adorable, if totally unconvincing. But at least he had a place.
Jun 23, 2015 McJulie commented on Police Who Held Dylann Roof Allegedly Got Him Some Burger King.
Did you guys just miss the comment at @16?

The point is not that the cop bought fast food for the mass murderer in custody.

The point is that the cops should treat non-white people, including suspects in custody, in the same manner. Their gentle treatment of this particular killer goes to prove that they know perfectly well how to grant an accused criminal his constitutional rights to things like a fair trial.
Jun 23, 2015 McJulie commented on Dear Seattle, Why Do You Hate EMP?.
Well, I live here, and I like it.

The building I hate is the new downtown library.
Apr 2, 2015 McJulie commented on Seattle, It's Time to Retire the Phrase "Asian Fusion".
I dunno, I just ate at Trove for the first time and can't think of a better category than "Asian fusion" for a dish that was presented a little like Vietnamese noodle bowls but with what tasted like Italian-style pasta and a vaguely Thai-ish flavor sensibility.

And that would distinguish it from the surprisingly great bento box I had in Houma, Louisiana, where the crawfish sushi was just "sushi made with local ingredients." However, if they'd served it with etouffee sauce instead of the traditional wasabi & pickled vinegar & soy sauce, THAT might have made it fusion cuisine. Like how a Korean restaurant with sushi is just a Korean restaurant with sushi unless they also put kimchee on the sushi.

They're kind of out of favor now, but I seem to remember fancy restaurants of my youth being called "continental" if what they did was kind of like a mixture of French and Italian.

I feel like the purpose of restaurant genres is to make sure people have the right expectations. So they don't get all pouty if they go to a southwest style restaurant instead of a California-Mexican style restaurant and the burritos aren't served enchilada style.
Mar 22, 2015 McJulie commented on If You Had a Problem with Ryan Boudinot's Piece about Writers.
I thought the Boudinot piece had some interesting points, some things I disagreed with, and some things that reflected unfortunate clich├ęs about what literature is or what talent means. But it was obviously published in order to be a bit inflammatory -- to generate controversy -- possibly even to increase interest in the City of Literature project?

Anyway, as a non-MRA writer who hangs out with a lot of other writers, most of them non-MRA as well, I wasn't really offended, and nobody I knew was really offended. But then Slog published a link to Chuck Wendig's blog post on the topic, introducing it with very dismissive language, something like "some guy we've never heard of didn't like the Boudinot piece, waah."

Except, I've heard of Chuck Wendig for years -- he's a fairly prominent blogger in some circles -- but I've never heard of Ryan Boudinot before. So the obvious disrespect rubbed me the wrong way. It felt like kind of a troll move -- publish something you know is going to bother people, then mock them when they express an objection.

That pissy defensiveness has continued to characterize the Slog writing about this controversy, and bothers me a lot more than anything actually in the Boudinot piece.
Mar 21, 2015 McJulie commented on Drunk of the Week.
A couple of New Orleans Mardi Gras experiences have convinced me that no holiday is properly celebrated unless it involves people getting drunk and dressing up like idiots. Saint Patrick's Day is awesome just the way it is.