Jan 11, 2012 Xeson commented on Savage Love.
Ah Ricky!

He's just a treasure trove of dumbassedness. Whether it's marriage leading to dog orgies with 4 or 5 people, or going to college being "elitist snobbery".

Man, I really wish they'd plop me in front of a camera with a question. Because, this whole issue of biblical homosexuality thing is mostly because it's adultery. Along with any sex outside of marriage, and even thinking about having sex with someone you're not married to. (That's a bit more hardcore).

I just want to see him try and answer a question about how he's going to stop heterosexual adultery as President.

Jan 8, 2012 Xeson commented on Savage Love.
It's pretty simple, the cuckold thing. If I were of the sort that actually does the stuff that's attractive to me. It would be that kind of thing. Because, to harken back to the old tropes that we usually harken back to. (Whether we like it or not.) It would be awesome knowing that she could sleep with anyone, yet still come back to me. Because she's mine, and I'm hers. And, there's the possible other activity that might possibly come into play, in the heat of the moment. wink. lol.

But, I probably would never actually do that, because I have to know generally why people would want to sleep with me, anyways. And, that's a problem. Because it might not be a great answer.

So... To sum up. Being in the main couple of a threesome or poly arrangement would, in short, be awesome. What's not so awesome is being the third wheel. Which, would be ok if all you cared about was the sex. But, if you would want some of the other stuff, the better stuff, that comes along with the sex, then you're out of luck. Or so I would think.

Dec 31, 2011 Xeson commented on Savage Love.

It's pretty simple, he puts up with it because he doesn't want to provoke anything. Maybe, if he does tell her he'd like her to accomodate him a little, it'll be over. She'll leave him, or he'll have to leave her. Hopefully, they can work it out.

If THAT's the big problem, then I personally would gladly put up with that situation. And, I wouldn't like it.
Dec 28, 2011 Xeson commented on Savage Love.

Some type of lubrication makes things better. It's just a matter of preference of whether the rigorous cleaning up afterwards is worth it.

And man,

It's not just you, but a significant number of others as well.

Why so harsh? It seems like instead of wanting people to deal with problems and issues, the answer is to just discard them.

Granted, that's probably not the case. You want them to work out an understanding, or at least a compromise. But, it's stuff like that, that makes me blow my gasket.

It'd be easier if people with issues, (and especially people with destructive and bad issues), took themselves out of the game, but it's not a particularily easy thing.

Dec 28, 2011 Xeson commented on Savage Love.

People put up with a lot. I know that I'd probably be OK with that situation, which is sex one time a week more than what I'm experiencing.

Having said that, it IS unreasonable what BOMBAST's girlfriend is asking for. I kind of agree with Dan's DTMFA assessment, but a real option is to quash those feelings of guilt, and carry on. Just stomp em down.
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