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Mar 21, 2012 Oxymephorous commented on Savage Love.

Yeah. My auntie flo likes to come for prolonged and/or surprise visits- it's truly obnoxious. So yeah, a "couple of weeks" of the cup was a no-go. Le sigh.
Mar 20, 2012 Oxymephorous commented on Savage Love.
I absolutely loathe that argument that I must be squeamish & need to get with the program because I happen to dislike the softcup. I tried that thing for a couple of weeks and found it extremely irritating. It was also major disaster on heavy flow days. So while it might work out for some women, keep in mind that ladies come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of sensitivity, so it's pretty obnoxious to assume that we're "not freakin' comfortable with our own bodies" just because we don't like to stick the same things up our vag as you do, SISF.
Jan 11, 2012 Oxymephorous commented on SL Letter of the Day: Over To You, Gang.
I'm in the same boat as BCASS; my husband is pretty much my best friend in the whole wide world and have a fantastic relationship....... outside of the bedroom. The rest is so-so. He always sorta knew that I liked girls too, even though I'd never actually dated any or specifically stated an interest. He was absolutely ecstatic when I "came out" and told him I was interested in getting a girlfriend at some point. That's major fantasy fuel for many guys, you know? So now when we go out we check out women together (apparently we have similar tastes); I get my girl-flirt on and he ogles to his heart's content. Just comparing notes and thinking about taking someone home gets us both really revved up. Then we get to take it out on each other later : )
Jan 11, 2012 Oxymephorous joined My Stranger Face
Dec 28, 2011 Oxymephorous commented on Savage Love.
For a second I thought BOMBAST's GF might have been me (until I got the part with the interrogation & the hand sniffing. Woah). My husband and I recently had a similar revelation; it's not that I have zero libido, it's just at at its lowest in the evenings when I'm tired and would rather be sleepy & snuggly. I definitely wanted to have sex more often, but when it's been a busy week and evenings are the only free time we had together, it just didn't pan out. He's kinda vanilla so he was working on the assumption that bedtime = sex time, but for me the mornings & afternoons were much better! So perhaps BOMBAST's habit of regular Saturday morning sexytime with the GF might be a clue. Barring the cray-cray masturbation interrogation aspect, maybe it's just that she is more ready for sex during daylight hours, and therefore gets irrationally jealous that he's masturbating that time away without her.