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Mar 20, 2013 wfenza commented on You May Now Kiss the Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Bride and the Other Groom.
I live in a stable "W". I don't find this reasoning convincing at all http://polyskeptic.com/2013/03/20/why-po…
Dec 5, 2012 wfenza commented on Savage Love.
Anything can be part of an identity. “Blogger” could be part of my identity if I so chose. It still indicates something that I do. If I stop blogging, I cease to be a blogger, no matter what my self-conception is. To the extent Dan indicated otherwise (though I don’t necessarily think he did), I disagree. Yes, some people’s only route to happiness is through polyamory. They still have to choose to do it.

Some people can only be happy if they are acting in plays and movies. Those people do not have a career or lifestyle orientation. They have a thing that they need to do. We don’t use the word “orientation” to describe something that someone needs to be happy. We use the word “need” for that. In a sex & relationship context, the only thing that people use the word “orientation” for is to indicate a sexual orientation. People who call polyamory a “relationship orientation” or some other half-term are only doing so to attempt to draw parallels between polyamory and a sexual orientation, which I think is bullshit.

If you want to say that you were born poly, and you can’t be happy unless you’re poly, just say that. Don’t try to draw a false equivalence between your relationship style and other people’s sexual orientation. It’s not the same thing.

Nov 25, 2012 wfenza commented on Savage Love.
I've been poly for years, and for me, it's definitely a choice/behavior, not an orientation. While I may not have had a choice about being attracted to multiple people, it was certainly a choice to actually pursue multiple relationships in an ethical way. I hate when people call poly a sexual orientation, because it's not necessarily sexual. It's about relationships and honesty, which is a choice for everyone.

Further thoughts at
Oct 23, 2012 wfenza commented on Final Obama/Romney Debate Caption Contest.
...or maybe not. Never mind. Different link: http://newstrust.net/stories/7174
Oct 23, 2012 wfenza commented on Final Obama/Romney Debate Caption Contest.
"AP Interview: Romney says he's not the only one switching positions" http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cg…">http://web.archive.org/web/2007043005385…
Dec 28, 2011 wfenza commented on Wedding Party Shooting Parties.
Google image search "camo wedding." It's awful!
Dec 28, 2011 wfenza joined My Stranger Face
Dec 28, 2011 wfenza joined My Stranger Face

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