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Nov 18, 2016 deign_to_say commented on Yes, There is a Legislative Route to Eliminating the Electoral College. It Doesn't Involve Faithless Electors..
Exactly @12. The electoral college is only in question because Hillary lost. If the results were reversed, there is no way Hillary supporters would be discussing getting rid of the Electoral College. ( I voted for Hillary, though not out of enthusiasm, only to prevent a Trump presidency - and fuck this paper for blaming anyone but the candidate it supported and the DNC for losing this election.)

Right now, the popular vote doesn't matter, it's not the goal of the contest. It'd be like complaining about who won a football or baseball game based on the losing team gaining more yards or having more hits. But those stats don't matter.

And there is a practical reason why the total popular vote doesn't determine the winner - in a very close race every fucking vote in the country would need to be recounted. Elections would drag out forever.
Jun 9, 2016 deign_to_say commented on The Audition.
@60/61 Do you remember what year that was?

This is truly awful. He is a predator in the vein of Bill Cosby - promising career opportunities to vulnerable young women, then intoxicating and raping them.

I'm so sorry to all the victims, and hate to think about how many more there are out there.
Jun 8, 2016 deign_to_say commented on Never Trump.
This thread only proves @5 comment to be true. Hillary and her supporters are clueless and the election vs Trump will be close.

This election is so interesting because "true progressives" and "true conservatives" both hate their own party's candidate. A large segment of voters want an option C - other. Unfortunately the corrupt two party system will continue to fuck its citizenry further.
May 26, 2016 deign_to_say commented on Regarding Hillary's Private Email Server: So What?.
@15 Thank you! Baume and the Stranger shilling for Hillary makes me want to take a shit on my own god damn phone I've stupidly decided to read this on.

This isn't an "oops, my mistake" fuck up of ignorance by Hillary that should be 'yadda-yadda-ed' over. Using a private email server was a conscious decision to hide her correspondence and went against all protocol of national security, which was compromised when she was hacked multiple times.

Do some fucking research as a journalist, this post and this publication is an embarrassment.
May 9, 2016 deign_to_say commented on The Most Interesting Thing About Hillary's Speech Transcripts.
This makes no sense, why wouldn't she release the transcripts if they are so boring?

I doubt they are any bombshells, but I'm sure they would make her look overly friendly to finance, which she obviously is and would continue to be as president.

I'd be willing to bet the rumors about her speeches were true: rah-rah, we're all in this together, the Great Recession wasn't your fault cheerleading.…
Aug 28, 2015 deign_to_say commented on Records Show Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Believes She Was Investigated Because of Her Race.
I love that she finally admits she never actually saw Wingate swing the club! She swore in the recording that it was captured on the video. She is the absolute worst, and if she wins her appeal, we might as well give up on reforming the SPD.
Aug 13, 2015 deign_to_say commented on How to Make a Kick Ass Painting.
I still don't understand most of what was actually being done, but this is a fantastic and rare look into an artist's process.
Aug 13, 2015 deign_to_say commented on Hisashi Iwakuma Throws No-Hitter as Mariners Make Themselves Noteworthy for Maybe the Last Time.
Baseball isn't for watching on TV anyway, and there were 25000 at Safeco. I listened to the game at work, and it was the quietest no-hitter I could imagine. I had to keep checking if there were still no hits throughout the game!

Happy for Kuma, and there's still time for an impossible run now that nearly everyone, me included, has given up.
Aug 7, 2015 deign_to_say commented on Um, Can We Talk About How More Than 23,000 of You Voted for Goodspaceguy?.
Yep, @5 and @6. Votes for good space guy and the seemingly unqualified socialist candidate were really just votes against Gregoire. No real candidate wanted to run an incumbent with a seat open, so we got a couple of jokers.