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May 22 deign_to_say commented on Why Does Becoming a Mom Mean Potentially Losing Your Job?.
Thank you @28. Jesus, @10 is really looking for reasons to feel sorry for him/her self. Get a roommate, you're not a victim of the married overlords.
May 13 deign_to_say commented on I'm a Cook and I Want You to Keep Your Tips.
Mr Sirois, please read @13 and get your family health insurance, for the love of God.
May 12 deign_to_say commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
Thank goodness those shots given to the cooks are accepted as currency everywhere. Their landlords love getting partially paid in J├Ąger.
Apr 30 deign_to_say commented on NYT Style Section Profiles Newly Married Couple.
@9 Ha, if only! All the arguments against gay marriage are so weak, if the Supreme Court doesn't finish the job with its decision on this case, it will be a sad day.
Apr 29 deign_to_say commented on The Morning News: King County Approves New Radios for Emergency Responders, Student Boycott of Standardized Test Grows.
Those radios better last for 100 years at $250 million dollars. Not less than 20 like the current ones.
Apr 28 deign_to_say commented on Supreme Court Wrap-Up: Did Scalia Just Accidentally Help Marriage Equality?.
@13 It was actually Alito before it got fixed... I can see how one might think it was Ruth, but Roberts, no way.
Apr 28 deign_to_say commented on Supreme Court Wrap-Up: Did Scalia Just Accidentally Help Marriage Equality?.
You know that's a picture of Alito, not Scalia as the caption suggests, right? I would hope so, given that you're reporting on the Supreme Court.

Also, fuck the shitty forced use of Shutterstock photos all over Slog, it is so low-budget and annoying.
Mar 27 deign_to_say commented on Police Reports Illustrated: The Man in the Red PT Cruiser.
This might be your best one yet, Callan. Definitely the best part of the Stranger.
Mar 23 deign_to_say commented on I, Anonymous.
@18 San Francisco?
Mar 23 deign_to_say commented on What Is "Clickbait"?.
Christopher, I think it is now often used as the publishing of posts/articles that are purposefully very controversial, so as to spur a strong reaction on both sides. Cynics would view it as a method to primarily generate page-views rather than start an honest debate.

I think the whole 'wish the abused child would have suffered more' in the Boudinot article especially contributed to people calling it clickbait. It's obviously excessive, possibly a joke in poor taste, not truly germane to the author's point, and provokes a strong reaction for many.

While I agree your definition is correct, the phrase's broader usage has somewhat changed.

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