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  • What helps you sleep?: Sex
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: So many
  • Pot or Coke
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all
  • Vampire or Zombie

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Jan 7 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
Thank you, Avast2006, for saying what I was thinking. I have transgender friends (am I allowed to write that?) and they have always gone more for dialogue and less for tantrums.
Jan 22, 2013 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
Our wedding was this huge casual summer event with a free bar, big buffet and giant cake. Everyone remember the day and though we didn't get to fuck on our wedding day, we have been happily married for 1½ years now.

To the happy couple I'd say to do what makes you happy. Though I agree with Dan on the destination wedding - if that's what makes you happy - you'd better pay for it yourself.
Dec 27, 2012 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
My open relationship has a "contract" and a visibility clause: the person we fuck has to know that we are allowed to fuck then. I have however also heard the "I don't want to know who you fuck on the side - just be safe".

I prefer to fuck people openly and not in the shades but my husband has my blessing to pretend I don't know for fun's sake (even though he tells me all I want to know).

Saying this, I also find TOP's boyfriend a bit too shady for my liking.
Nov 27, 2012 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
Interesting column today, Dan, since it revolves around things I can so clearly relate to. I'm in a poly marriage with Mr Perfect and he came with a full drawer of gear. I also think if I hadn't met him I'd very much liked to go solo for a few years - where I'm from it's really not that big a deal - there's Europe for you I guess ;)

About poly being a choice - yeah I'm also divided. I thrive in my marriage - I love being able to be all of me and not restraining my urges because of some traditional patterns made extinct long ago - but before my husband I would never have thought of poly as something I could choose (so much for being brought up a "good girl"). I've always treasured my freedom and this meets the best of both worlds... I can have my perfect mate and whichever other person that strikes my fancy ;) I don't know if poly is in my bones but I do love being poly.

As for the gears I'm with #8 - the penetrating things I would discard (and have discarded from my husbands stash) and replace with new toys but the bondage gear I was quite thrilled to find in his possesion. He knew his gear and what to do with it and I was eager to learn - I guess I'm not that squeamish about the history of his restraints.
Nov 20, 2012 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
It's easier in some ways being a poly woman and some ways not. I am married to my poly husband and it's frakking hard to find polys near us - there's not an open or visible community where we live - so although we're poly, right now we don't act like it because we can't find potential partners that actually are poly and not afraid to admit it.
Jun 27, 2012 The monogamish commented on Savage Love.
@13: Fat people are allowed to have a sex life too you know. The guys mentions that he is taking care of his issues, that might also involve working out.

I hate it when sex life seems reserved for a perticular size, age, gender, etc.
Mar 22, 2012 The monogamish commented on John Carter: Pixar Brilliance in Human Form.
Saw it in 2d - and I thought it was amazing.

Mind blown. So was my husbands. The acting is fine, the story is great, the visuals are fantastic and I love the cgi.

But then again - we are roleplaying nerds who love pixar, fantasy and sci fi movies - how could we NOT love JC?
Jan 3, 2012 The monogamish updated his or her location.
Jan 3, 2012 The monogamish answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Jan 3, 2012 The monogamish joined My Stranger Face

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