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Feb 4, 2013 Jack Kennedy commented on The Superbowl, Budweiser, and a Movie Called Zoo.
Zoo is on Youtube (zoo - the movie) the first part is blocked. Try a vpn. The movie was shot all over the Seattle area. At Hope For Horses, at the Woodinville Riding Academy (since torn down for a catholic church), in Mount Vernon. Two of the horses are also from HFH. One has died and the other is at a Foster (the one on the movie poster). The saga of Pinyon and Tate lives on in thousands of people who have sex with their animals, pimp them out or jump the fence and fuck their neighbors beasties. It is just another version of dominance over the powerless. Zoos pretend they love their animals, make them dependent, feed them, take care of them and use them as they please. Just like a father who has sex with his daughter every night. Thank you daddy.
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