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Mar 30, 2015 Elvishswimmer commented on Savage Love.
I haven't read the whole comment section yet, but I saw mention of male birth control and thought I would bring this up.
I have a friend that studies fertility, or at least one aspect of fertility. But last year she went to the world Fertility Conference, and there was big news in the fertility world. They do have an extremely effective and reversible form of male birth control.
No hormones, no chemicals, just some things to make you body attack differentiated sperm cells. Differentiated is the key here. As long as the sperm stem cells (called Spermatogonia) don't get harmed, they will continue to do their own thing and completely repopulate the sperm count. And they are able to very specifically differentiate and not harm the spermatogonia.
Sperm look completely normal and come back to normal numbers when you stop within a month. Available in pill form. No side effects of mood or health or hormones. Tested in animals and people, works super well!
Basically a miracle of male birth control. But one problem.
It decreases testicle size by over 50%.
Because you take out all the sperm in the testes, there is really nothing left in there and so they shrink. When you stop taking it, the sperm fill it up again and they go back to normal size.

But no man apparently wants to risk small testicles for an otherwise effective form of birth control. Which is understandable I guess. Super hard to market it with that side effect.

I don't know, what about you men in the comments? Would you go for this with that side effect?
Mar 27, 2015 Elvishswimmer commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Complicated Threesome.
@27 It makes sense when you know how Plan B works.

Plan B stops ovulation. If you have ovulated that morning, or possibly up to 2 days before, Plan B is not going to help you. The egg is already in the tube, waiting to be fertilized. Because sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for a few days, its preventing ovulation after unprotected sex that Plan B helps with.
Sep 24, 2013 Elvishswimmer commented on "My Husband and Son Both Masturbate—But Not Together—Are They Sex Addicts?".
As a woman, what I don't understand is how women can NOT masturbate regularly. I go crazy if I have 'neglected myself' for more than a week. Been that way since puberty.

or wait, does that mean I'm a sex addict?? LOL
Sep 12, 2012 Elvishswimmer commented on Savage Love.
I started masturbating when I was 10 years old. By 14, I would have really loved to get a vibrator. It would have saved me a lot of soreness as I was often doing it 2-3 times a day and fingers (sometimes towels for more friction) made me raw at times. A vibrator would have made it much much more enjoyable.

WTT, if you have a good relationship with your niece, I say go for it. It may cause minor mortification, but speaking from my point of view, a minor amount of weirdness would be totally worth actually having a vibrator on hand at that age.
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Jan 5, 2012 Elvishswimmer commented on Savage Love.
I am a woman. I do not need to bow into some gender role that you want to put me into. I'll be single and celibate all my life if I want. I'll be a slut if I want. I'll be a single mother from a sperm donation if I want. I'll be in a lifetime monogamous relationship if I want, and I'll be a full on open marriage poly swinger if I want. Or I'll be anywhere in between.
Being a woman/wife does not change my right to be what I am.
None of those choices I make will make any difference on whether I DESERVE to be loved.
My actions or the actions of my significant other will never change that fact.