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Jan 5, 2012 dog lover commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
I own a pit bull I got out of a junk yard beaten bit up and burned fed steriods you name it her old thug owner probably did it I got her when she was a year or so old she is twelve now and sleeps under the covers and loves her people to know end she has actually saved me from home intruders with out maiming them and saved me from another dog not a pit bull from lunching at my face and all she did was pin him. I always keep her on a lease why? for her safety and ya know what i found all those small little dogs off lease always want to attack her i just pick her up till the dumb owner comes trotting over to claim there dog while she enjoys a good cuddle i prefer to keep my dogs ankle in tact i would have no problem with this article if it had said dog and not had brutal cartoon pictures by the way your not getting your hand down a pits throat it may have a big mouth nut they have unusually small throats ask a vet breed specific profiling is just stupid I dont hold any grudge against the breed of dog that went for me its just that dog. I live with someone that was tore up my a dog and him and his small child love my dog once again her she is twelve plus years and all she has ever done is love her family