Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Jan 7, 2012 yesyes1234 commented on Savage Love.
@nocutename indeed that is what i meant, ill leave the fancy words to the pros i am, after all, just a dumb jock
Jan 7, 2012 yesyes1234 commented on Savage Love.
At 172 (this is 171) thanks for your take, it is appreciated. While the specific arrangement mentioned in the letter to Dan still *feels* wrong and weird to me I recognize that it brings pleasure to others and who am I to get inbetween that. I guess I've been raised in the world of the jocular male always competing for women that I was baffled at the ideas of humiliation and submission from men. Anyone else that can offer commentary on Post 171, it is appreciated.
Jan 6, 2012 yesyes1234 joined My Stranger Face
Jan 6, 2012 yesyes1234 joined My Stranger Face
Jan 6, 2012 yesyes1234 commented on Savage Love.
Can someone explain more about this cuckold thing to me? I am seriously trying to understand it without being judgmental but when I read this: "he's not allowed to have sex with me without my boyfriend's permission (which he usually—though not always—gets). " I feel my head explode.

so..wait, really? is this for real or just a fantasy type of thing? i understand that men can have fantasies about other men being with their women and i accept that but is this entire "he can't have sex with me without my boyfriend's permission" the husbands idea? is that part of the fantasy? is there a safeword to retract on this? how did you both deprogram yourselves of the connection between sex and love: how does the husband walk around holding his wifes hand knowing that he cant have sex with her unless he gives her boyfriend a call? what if one day the husband *for whatever reason* feels he has had his fantasy fulfilled and wants to go back to being a couple only - is there even going back?

i apologize if i sound like I am coming from an ignorant attitude, i swear i am not trying to be judgmental. i am a fan of this monogamish concept but this cuckold story completely goes against everything i thought i knew about men! If this couple or another cuckold couple could answer my questions and enlighten me, I would appreciate it!

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