Nov 21, 2014 Cherry commented on SL Letter of the Day: Nobody Expects the Nice Girl Inquisition!.
Dan, the hetero women clearly want porn of you and Terry! Even if you guys choose not to, the interest is definitely there! You could always make your own submission to HUMP!
Sep 10, 2014 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
@EricaP, as usual, I agree with your relationship advice. But now that you're offering grammar critique, I love you even more!
Jul 9, 2014 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
@ LW3, yes, some guys do need extra stimulation. It was fine for me to use hands and then mouth at the end when he was ready.
Dan, where was this info when I was 16? Would have saved me some lockjaw ;)
Apr 3, 2014 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
@Lil Scrapper That's the way I see it too. I don't think she's a bigot, but she's definitely confused and trying to sort out her feelings, rather than just succumbing to a knee-jerk "I was betrayed" reaction.

As for the people debating how soon into a relationship is it comfortable to have sex: NCA and Marcus were already engaging in sexual activities. Since they were already in a sexual relationship (regardless of PIV intercourse), I don't think it's unreasonable of Marcus to assume the sexual aspect of the relationship could continue. But it should raise a red flag for NCA if you're in a sexual relationship, but it's entirely one-sided. If she's getting something out of it, she seems to be happy, but I would have wanted to know why I wouldn't be able to reciprocate.
Apr 2, 2014 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
@EricaP, once again I'm in complete agreement with you, and I'm somewhat shocked we're in the minority. Love (and attraction) are perfectly acceptable no matter what gender, sex, label, or whatever someone describes themselves as. In Marcus' case, disclosure could actually lead to physical violence, loss of job (depending on the state), or at the very least harmful and misleading rumours. NCA found a human being she was willing to enter into a relationship with, and she should at least try to discover what truly bothers her about the deception. In the end, she may have been deceived, but not because Marcus was actively manipulating her or trying to betray her trust maliciously.

@Hunter78 In this day and age, with trans people still struggling to be accepted, there will be people who have issues with this. I do believe they have the right to say they don't feel comfortable in such a relationship without being judged. I hope they can have an open, honest discussion about it.

@reality That's a not a comparable argument at all. In those case someone's health and safety was at risk. In this case, the health and safety at risk is Marcus'.
Jul 1, 2013 Cherry commented on Sarah Palin Is Not Going to Start a Third Party.
Sure she would. She'd get lots of people to do the actual work, take all the credit, blame them for anything that cold be perceived as slightly negative, then quit when people realized it wasn't actually viable and go back to watching Russia from her house.
Apr 18, 2013 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
@2 So very true.

@11 My thoughts exactly! I immediately tried to think of an example, and all I can think of is Lisey's Story is one of my favourite books ever.

DHP I know a man with a very pronounced curve to his penis, and the same rule applies; if it's a life-long condition, isn't causing discomfort or pain, and hasn't suddenly developed any changes; get it checked out if you're concerned but there's likely nothing to worry about.
Jan 16, 2013 Cherry commented on Savage Love.
I agree with 45. If it's not something you've done before, it should definitely be a surprise and a turn-on. Maybe try a new position or new technique. But save the toys until you've had a talk about them first, just on the off chance he could be intimidated (by the idea, if not the actual toy).
Dec 15, 2012 Cherry commented on Westboro Baptist Church Heading to Newtown to Praise God for Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.
Because 6 and 7 year old children deserved the judgment of god? Then who, pray tell, besides you assholes, is innocent?
Nov 8, 2012 Cherry commented on We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them.
Proof that the bullies will never win. Gay, straight, any minority; if someone is being denied a basic right, then everyone is brought down together. So we stand together to fight and win!