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Apr 11, 2013 GrammarQueen commented on How Long Did You Last?.
I need an option for "less than 30 seconds."
Jan 18, 2013 GrammarQueen commented on Saddlebacking As Birth Control.
While "technical virgin" does apply to people who engage in alternative sex acts, I prefer the term "demivierge" (this is a real word in the dictionary!) for women who insist that they are retaining some kind of technical virginity despite being sexually active. Expanding that (for most people) transitional stage to 7 years is pretty impressive.
Oct 22, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on "This change would take away that liberty.".
Also presumably men are not fussing with feminine hygiene materials in the men's room also. These things take incremental time...
Sep 15, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on Savage Love.
". I'm trying to make this the least embarrassing possible."

Then--unless your niece actually asks you to get her a sex toy--give her the book privately, and an Amazon gift card, and call it good.
Jul 31, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on SL Letters of the Day: TOP Has Other Options.
I am fond of "fertility awareness" birth control only because I got my lovely daughter when I was supposedly using that. I still think it probably works great, but doing it correctly is *really difficult*, and we were highly motivated--all it takes is a weak moment...which is why I don't recommend it to people.
Jul 31, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on SL Letters of the Day: TOP Has Other Options.
by "might not be a god idea" I mean "might be a good idea." Forgive my typos.
Jul 31, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on SL Letters of the Day: TOP Has Other Options.

If the doctor thought the Pill was a "better fit" for her than other birth control options, and each formulation of the Pill was causing her horrible problems (hard to think of a "worse fit" than that), a second opinion (taking into account the LW's entire medical history) might not be a god idea. Some doctors aren't fully aware of the range of options, or that nulliparous women can be candidates for IUDs, for example.

I had similar problems after the birth of our first child--the pill had side effects I didn't want, and my husband had issues with condoms. He pulled out. We used the sponge. We tried the rhythm method. Then we had a baby. I tried the diaphragm (loved it, actually) but discovered I have a sensitivity to spermicide. Now I have a Mirena IUD and I love it--I don't get the side effects I got with the Pill, but reactions to various kinds of birth are very individual. I also don't mind being the one responsible for birth control, I find it empowering.

Jul 1, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on Terrible Sex Tips for Men.
" To warm up her trotters, you could ask her to “stretch one leg out to work on [your] johnson with her toes."

Is it just me or is the idea of COLD FEET against your genitals somewhat uncomfortable? I get complaints for putting my COLD FEET on his legs for goodness sakes.
Jun 18, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on Don't Take Sex Advice from Cosmo.
Well, after 17 years of marriage, I have finally learned what to do to drive my man wild in bed (I make no promises about other men). No food involved at all. The problem is that these interns at Cosmo are dieting or writing about dieting so much anything involving food triggers some sort of pavlovian arousal response.
Jun 5, 2012 GrammarQueen commented on Prop 8 Headed to Supreme Court.
The haters wanted a rehearing, they didn't get it.

My understanding is that they didn't really have much to say to begin with, lacking evidence & all.