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Sep 18, 2013 lambcannon commented on Regert Nothing.
Oh fuckity fuck fuck... there are no words to say how powerful this image is...
Jul 4, 2013 lambcannon commented on I Am a Terrible Person.
Did I forget to mention the stupid pictures of drunks? Half-baked politicism? the unparalleled provincial smugness? the inability to grow up past the early-90s? Nothing is as you portray it... everything that was enjoyable about the Pacific NW has been pissed away for good. You are now the equivalent of Los Angeles (or fucking NYC or DC for chrissake), deal with it. You're not "hip"
Jul 4, 2013 lambcannon commented on I Am a Terrible Person.
At first I tasted vomit in the back of my throat and assumed it was because of the unreadable narcissism reflected by this dreary and pathetic "memwah"

then i realized I had been reading the Stranger for 20 years, all of Dan Savage's predictable and tiresome "sex advice", endless crappy reviews of forgettable bands that should have never existed, Mudede's attempts at sociological research (bla), the creepy brother of the editor's not-at-all-funny TV reviews... enough is enough.

You have become the third rate convenience store giveaway piece of trash you have always wanted to be, and are as relevant as the fragments of Kurt Cobain's brain splattered against the wall twenty years ago. Stop doing this. No one needs to read any, of, this, anymore. Even Sherman Alexie's powerful short fiction can't save the fact that you are as old and tired as I am, and need to give this a rest.

Seattle has been transformed into a brainless smear of condominiums, and even "Almost Live" gave it up back in the 90s guys. Not funny, not relevant, not anything. Please stop and I promise to stop reading what you don't publish.
Dec 4, 2012 lambcannon commented on The Heat of R. Kelly's Imagination.
Wow, what a bore. For the proofreaders (who else would have an interest in this putrid article (subject): is it Kelley or Kelly?
Aug 22, 2012 lambcannon commented on Drunk of the Week.
a comment of "no comment"
Aug 1, 2012 lambcannon commented on The Domestication of Downtown.
great piece
May 23, 2012 lambcannon commented on The Caretaker.
What would the Stranger do without advertising for all of the bland, derivative crap music played in Seattle every night? Let's be realistic.
May 1, 2012 lambcannon commented on Testaments Old & New.
"Anyone who pretends to understand something they can't possibly know is evil"

(or something like that)

Savage Comics #1, 1993

true then, true now
Mar 31, 2012 lambcannon commented on Granted.
Um, the Damned did that album cover already. It was 1977, before you were born. Nice try, since Seattle music has blown dead bears for many many years
Mar 1, 2012 lambcannon commented on Spreading Santorum, #1 Result When You Google "Santorum," 2003-2012.
#7 among the non-paid advertising links this a.m.