Jun 27, 2012 kait commented on What Would Jesus Do?.
WWJD? Make the plate owners drive right please. Those people with the fish decals on their minivans/Oldsmobiles are the worst fucking drivers. And in Florida, that's saying something.
Jun 26, 2012 kait commented on Savage Love.
@4 The gf only tried masturbating once and gave up? One time? I agree with 14, that is kind of a shame. I think of masturbation as a basic life skill. Rejecting it would be one thing, but she hasn't mastered it yet to reject it. Agree that asking her what she wants and/or needs is good, but I'd also encourage the purchase of the bullet vibrator. No, not the same as intimacy, but release of physical/sexual tension is not to be discounted either. Both matter. Sounds like he is genuinely working to make things better for himself and their relationship. Hope she's willing to be patient and receptive to his efforts.
Jun 21, 2012 kait commented on Savage Love.
Some of these comments are harsh and insulting, especially to transpeople, but across the board, sparing no gender really. I think GGG can be extrapolated for use outside of the bedroom (or neighborhood park ;) !). Good--respectful and thoughtful of others' humanity at least. Giving--okay, not so much equal time and pleasure maybe, but how about equal giving of consideration and courtesy--the same as we'd like to get. And game--let's aim down instead of up this time. Down for acceptance of and appreciation for all kinds of diversity.

If you can't manage it in a comments section among your peers, how do you flip a switch and turn it on in bed? I like looking AND T-shirts (and 'til today, I thought most everybody else did too). And really, shouldn't everyone 16 years of age and older own a vibrator? Like the cocktail of lithium and xanax in the water table, this would cut down on irritability considerably--in the personal and in print.
May 21, 2012 kait commented on I, Anonymous.
"... get a job so I don't have to support you and your kids with MY tax dollars!" You kinda summed it up for everyone (and gave yourself away) with that phrase. You got yours, everybody else, go get your own, but leave me out of it. So much for community. So much for it taking a village. And I thought one of the tenets of working in healthcare was being nonjudgmental, as well as making no assumptions about your clients. But at least you must be very thorough and very committed to your job, having time to monitor both what your clients are doing at home as well as while they are visiting your clinic. AND you even took the extra time to try to educate the rest of us, although you spared us any of the complexities that might be involved with the problems of your clients as individuals a/o as a societal group. You even took extra time in the comments to explain to us that on the job you make especially good choices, as I'm sure you do in your personal life; powerful choices even, ones that determine who "deserves" help, and who is just personally screwing you out of tax dollars that you'd prefer to go to, let's see, oh yeah, you. Don't know your title, but healthcare worker doesn't seem to fit.

Perhaps considering your exemplary discipline, fiscal conservatism, and your vast experience with the underclasses, you could expand your career into politics. You'd have so much more authority to make both assumptions and decisions about what others need and deserve. And oh gosh, with those good intentions, wow. That should easily put you over the top.

What's the unemployment rate right now? And how much higher is it when the numbers include those (like your fat slob clients) who have given up seeking employment? Oh well. If you take my career advice, it won't really matter anyway.
May 11, 2012 kait commented on I Hope Tony Perkins Doesn't Pray to Jesus With That Mouth.
@33 There is a wonderful diary up at dkos today which touches on what you are saying. Link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/05/10….
After the passage of Amendment One in NC, the author's dad was later at his weekly men's Bible study, listening to the slurs and hate speech. The father at that point had an epiphany that this was not about religion or morals or anything else except hate. So I wonder for the Perkins and Gallaghers and their ilk, if perhaps trying to obfuscate their hate as love of God or family or whatever the hell they couch it as, might rather make their job much more difficult rather than easier. The honesty of hatred while also preaching the command to love would require such gross amounts of twisted speech that I'm not sure even they believe that they could pull it off. The lies (I think) are deliberate at least in part because they are simpler and easier..

May 5, 2012 kait commented on Dan Savage SAVAGES the Pope!.
@75 Rob, I only got a chance to give your links a really quick glance, but thanks for posting them--thoughtful, and a good idea. Most of my material, digital and hard copy was lost in the 2004 hurricane season, but maybe memory and research can serve?

@77 I HAD forgotten my favorite earworm, and today was a great day to find it again, thanks!
May 3, 2012 kait commented on Dan Savage SAVAGES the Pope!.
@36 Rob, I'm with you on those "old queens." I think people also forget that some of those old queens with money were very very generous in the terrible old days of AIDS. I know in Pittsburgh they were guys (and a supporting cast of women who scored invitations to some amazing parties) who gave what was at the time (early '80s) one of the largest private donations in the entire US . I only know the expression of the spending as far as some of the money that landed at UPMC. It was exceptionally helpful especially in the area of education for both the professional (medical) and public community.
May 3, 2012 kait commented on Dan Savage SAVAGES the Pope!.
@9 The dumb assed Catholics stupid enough to believe they can ally with these evangelical Protestants are being used as tools. These ultra-conservative Catholics think this temporary union will gain them some of what they want as far as reproductive rights (removing them I mean) and anything anti-LGBT. But once all the dust settles, believe me, evangelicals absolutely never have, and never will, believe that Catholics are either Christian, or much to be tolerated. Now how the Catholic Church thinks this will ultimately help them with membership, or people "returning home", as they call it, I have no damn idea. And I think the only reason the Protestant evangelicals are sort of going along with the Church now is that, hey! Some press! Some extremist hate speech not coming from us, but in agreement with our position! Goody, but just for now. We'll get back to you on the Pope as anti-Christ in a bit. Maybe after elections, maybe after they think they've won what they can, hell maybe after they feel safe in the thought that at least they'll outnumber those scary Muslim people, if they force enough breeding. Who knows.

@39 With you in spirit, but let's not have anyone fucking him, not even Maggie or Tony. Better for humanity that way, eh?

And that old queen? Cheery thought, but NO. Much too bad a man to have any association with anything gay. Seriously.
Apr 27, 2012 kait commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help An Arsehole Out, Would Ya?.
"I wouldn't be willing to do this without my wife's consent." Immediately followed by, "Help me be a selfish arsehole." Two things: 1). You don't have your wife's consent. The end. 2). You don't need any help with the arsehole thing. You're already there. Either way, no need for further letters or advice. Unless, of course, you're actually considering becoming a father. Not off to a flying start there already, that might warrant a different letter . . .
Apr 26, 2012 kait commented on Savage Love Episode 288.
Maybe its just because I'm from the east coast, but was I the only one who heard pearl clutching over the whole park rant? I used to live in a medium sized city with a park used for cruising (by any and all types of matches/match-ups), movies, picnics, music festivals, theater-in-the-park, and so on. Also, the park was situated between two major universities, so at any given time people could be found in various phases and stages of PDAs, waking up from sleepovers, hangovers, or whatever. Oh yeah, there were always some homeless people around too. We had cops on bikes, not harassing people, just riding the hard road surfaces, mostly handing out parking tickets--for the about twelve parking spaces available. Don't know if this is so very different from Volunteer Park, but I don't quite get the whole, think of the straights! the children! our reputations! thing. Our unspoken-but-pretty-much-policy, by visitors to the park at whatever time, should we stumble across, or heaven forbid, cross paths with, others seeking or involved in purposes other than our own, was either a simple greeting or an, "Oops, sorry," then move along. Nobody fainted at coeds screwing under (or even not quite under) blankets at high noon, or cruisers starting their searches at dusk. Gay men smiled at middle-agers on blankets waiting for some event to begin, straight families didn't cover their kids eyes, and the fights that there were usually involved the mix of alcohol and the aforementioned lack of parking.
And the reverse curfew of midnight? Jebus H.T. Christ, I'm a middle-aged woman almost ten years older than Dan, and I don't get it. Or maybe I'm just jealous, now stuck in a place where a "park" is the size of a hankie, has one bench, a dozen over-mulched begonias, and is surrounded by brush and scrub pine, all with attendant stinging a/o poisonous insects. And spiders.