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Jan 19, 2012 tnygenie joined My Stranger Face
Jan 19, 2012 tnygenie commented on Bill Would Require Health Insurance Policies Sold in Washington to Cover Abortion.
How bout we mandate insurance companies pay for any and all procedures and services? They should cover breast implants, hair transplants, and every single surgery or procedure that anyone wants to have. Oh and keep our rates low while you are at it because we want affordable health care right. As long as we keep asserting that men and women are too stupid to prevent unwanted pregnancies we will have this problem. As a woman I am sickened that the world asserts that because I am too stupid that the government has to rescue me with legislation. How come we want to "empower" women on every issue but this one. Let's you feel more empowered laying on a table allowing some stranger to "remove" your unplanned child from you....or choosing when and where to give birth to your children that you have planned for?