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Aug 9, 2013 BelieveInNuances commented on Late Ballots Break Hard for Stranger-Endorsed Candidates as McGinn Wins Thursday Drop.
@45 Which is exactly what I did. Hahahaha. (As you'll note in my comment in #16, where I stated what the vote total on day one was, per the KCE website.)
Aug 8, 2013 BelieveInNuances commented on Late Ballots Break Hard for Stranger-Endorsed Candidates as McGinn Wins Thursday Drop.
I think it would be a bit more "honest" to give the complete totals for each day at the bottom or two of each column. Mentioning that there's ~95,000 on the first day helps set the context: about 4x more than today's count.
Nov 8, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on The Thursday Morning News.
"There will be 20 women in the US Senate next session: 19 Democrats and only 1 Republican."
Susan Collins
Lisa Murkowski
Kelly Ayotte
and now Deb Fisher
(probably others...just going from memory here)
Nov 8, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on Little Drama in Today's Ballot Drop, as King County Heads Toward Record Turnout.
@13: They run elections!
Retiring GOP Secretary Sam Reed was very fair and moderate. But you can see in other states, some GOP Secs of State make ballot access complicated and unfair (e.g. Ohio's current and previous GOP Secretaries of State). Not saying the GOP candidate here is like those douchebags, but speaks to the importance of the office.

And the Sec does lots of other things too. But elections is probably the most important.
Nov 5, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on The Approve R-74 Campaign Has a Phenomenal Ground Game.
@3: Sanotehu: That could acutally a good thing. It's an effective targeted system. They know a lot about you already, including if you've already voted (it's public info). So let's hope they aren't reaching out to people who don't need to be reached out to.
Sep 20, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on Will Churches in Washington State Be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings?.
By the way, not only divorced-not-annulled Catholic, or "living in sin" Catholics (i.e. anything that might cause "scandel"), but this is also a big issue for Jewish people. They are more open-minded in Seattle, where Jewish people are such a minority, but a friend of mine (from Seattle) who now lives in New York City, marrying a Jewish man, would not get married by the groom's regular rabbi. They basically did the "rent-a-rabbi" option.
Sep 14, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on Elway: Democrats Lead in All Statewide Executive Races.
I sure hope there's a Poll #2 being released tomorrow or Sunday with Referendum and Initiative results!

Goldy, don't you have inside connections????
Sep 4, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on America's Failing Catholic Schools.
What's odd about that Seattle Times article: the headline made it seem it like it was about charter schools. It had nothing to do with charter schools.

It's just a remarkable story about a school that worked hard, to get grants, re-market itself, and serve and underserve population in Seattle. Way to go St. Therese School!
Aug 27, 2012 BelieveInNuances commented on WA Catholic Church Begins Fundraising Directly for Anti-Gay Election PAC.
Why did you promote Tyson to an archbishop? Even the Catholic hierarchy finds him an annoying guy so they shipped him off to Yakima, so the bishop in Seattle didn't have to deal with him anymore.